The Major Changes In The Years Of Digital Marketing

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It has been 30 years when we got Digital Marketing in our life. We can’t give enough thanks to Google. We are in the golden time of Digital Marketing just because of Google, and there are no flashy websites and dishonest redirects. Let’s know about the major changes in the years of Digital Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization was the biggest revolution in the past 30 years. Started by Yahoo, Google renovated it and changed it according to the people searching for information. And then the responsive design came and changed the design standards. And for the SEO practices, there are some effective tools like SEMrush.

UX (User Experience)

UX (User Experience) is already there from 1990, but Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, it changed the theory of UX in the digital world. And then UX became an essential part of Digital Marketing. It was 2016 when mobile searches pass desktop searches by 51%. And now, everyone is serious about making their website mobile-friendly. Read our blog on UX, What is Design Thinking?

Content Marketing

We often heard ‘Content is the King’ as a quote from Microsoft. It is true, and Google released a dynamic thing ‘Google Panda’ in 2011 which gives us the content guidelines and makes our business incredible. Google researched in 2007 about the content which includes text, images, videos, pdf. And then in 2015, content creation and content marketing have become an essential part of Digital Marketing. Read more about content marketing here, The Promotional Tactics For Content Marketing.

Google Algorithm

The website’s page speed came into existence in 2006 when Amazon noticed the 1% increase in the revenue with an increase in the website’s speed. After that Google introduces Google Algorithm in 2015 which improves everything and crushed black hat SEO modules.

Social Media

Let’s get to know everyone’s favorite ‘Social Media’. LinkedIn was launched in 2002, Twitter was launched in 2006, and Facebook was launched in 2004. Digital Marketing has come to its turning point when social media came into limelight. And now, social media marketing is one of the essential parts of Digital Marketing. People shifted from traditional marketing to Digital Marketing with the invention of social media. Today, 85% of people believe in social media reviews before purchasing anything.

If we talk about jobs and recruitments, 70% of recruiters check social media before hiring candidates.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords was launched in 2000, and then there is online advertising came into existence. After that,  Google launched remarketing in 2010, and now advertising is a crucial part of Digital marketing.

Email marketing

Email marketing and it’s techniques are in the trend for so long, but in 2001, Mailchimp has been launched which changed the ways and theories of email marketing through which it helps people and business owners to send thousands of emails each day.


Our life filled with entertainment when Youtube was founded in 2005, video streams get popular among users with time. Now, there are 5 Billion videos that are watched daily on the Internet.

That was all about the major changes in the years of Digital Marketing. Get to know more about Digital Marketing and Stay connected with Designing Bulls for more updates.

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