How to refresh a tired logo?

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Refreshing a logo means to remake it and give it a new life. A logo is a vital part of your brand image. Your brand’s logo really reflects who you are what is your brand about. The logo is probably the first thing the visitors see. Well, there are many reasons why should you get a refreshed logo instead of a complete logo redesign. Having a strong and powerful logo can impact your business. It is most needed when companies do not get it right at first. Maybe your brand is established in 1970 and you have the same logo in 2019, but if you want to get an updated version of your brand, you can consider a logo refreshment. So, let’s begin how to refresh a tired logo?

The 3 Best ways to refresh!

Forget the text

How to refresh a tired logo? Starbucks

Everyone wants that their brand should be easily recognizable in the market but when it comes to that process it seems like a milestone. Sometimes you can’t even think to change your logo because you have a well-established company. But on the other hand, the best option is to change it in an amazing way. For this, you can focus on the logo design and get rid of the text in it. It really requires a lot of confidence when you suppose to design it as it should make an incredible impact on the market. Some of the famous brands used this concept are Starbucks, Nike, and Mastercard.

Change the typeface

How to refresh a tired logo? Google

Switching to a new typeface is a clever move of Google. And of course, that is why it is Google! When you are don’t want to change your logo and do some add-ons you can change the typography. You can go with a slightly similar font family like serifs and sans serifs. Everyone knows that the world is full of technology and technology is always evolving with time. Every logo made yesterday is outdated tomorrow. If you want to give your logo a fresh and modern touch you can focus on the typeface.

Change the visuals

How to refresh a tired logo? Domino's

In the new era, modern logos are going to be simple. Most of the brands contain a visual identity with its brand name while some go with just visuals. When you feel like you have a perfect brand color and don’t want to change this, learn from Domino’s how to create a better version. You don’t need a new watermark or new color, just little adjustment of position is great. When you are going to add a variety of new products and expanding your business in different locations, this is the perfect time to change your logo.

To get a new, shiny fresh logo is all depends on your brand and its journey. It perfectly defines where were you yesterday and where are you now. You don’t have to completely change your logo to make larger impressions. Sometimes it’s good to change a little bit of it. How to refresh a tired logo is all about making small changes that can make big impacts.

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