The Top Creative Website Header Designs

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When we talk about the website, the first thing that came in mind is a website header. The header design of the website plays a key role in the process of website design structure. The average time people stay on the website is 15 seconds. With the correct header design and style, you can influence anyone with your website. Let’s have a look at the top creative website header designs. These designs will make your website outstanding in the crowd.

Choose The Right Font

The Top Creative Website Header Designs

What is the one thing in the header design that grabs the attention of anyone? It is the ‘font and typography’. The heading and title are probably the first thing audience look for. It will let your audience know all about your website. For this, your heading and title should be clear and catchy. 

By choosing the right font and heading, you can influence anyone with your header design. One go-to font for header design is sans-serif font which can be used for any type of header design and can go with any style. These fonts are clearly visible on the background and can be perfect for header designs. 

Catchy Illustrations

The Top Creative Website Header Designs

Rather than popular videos and images, you can use illustrations. Illustrations are the latest trend in website designing that is becoming popular day by day. The illustrations are the things that will add some unique personality to your designs. Illustrations are just perfect for branding. Perfect illustrations that will match to your header and website will create a smooth user experience. And, that’s what you want!

Creative Standard

The Top Creative Website Header Designs

I think website designers are the most creative ones in the world. You should go creative no doubt, but with that also, you need to keep in mind the standards. When designing anything on the website, keep the basic design guidelines in the mind. Whether it is logos, whether it is headings and titles or icons. Make sure you use creativity with standards. And this will help you to stay consistent.

Dreamy Doodles

The Top Creative Website Header Designs

From Google to small business owners are using doodles to define their brands. Using doodles in website designing is very impressive and cool. By its minimalist and animated look, it can catch anyone’s attention. Doodles are just perfect to show creativity in designs. 

Bold Typography

The Top Creative Website Header Designs

Sometimes a header just wants bold and clean typography. Just having the perfect combinations of the font styles in the header design will leave a memorable impression. Just creative and colourful typography header will make anything remarkable.


Handwritten is the perfect style to represent something originally handwritten. However, designing a header design in such handwritten style is quite challenging. If you want to show your brand in something unique and attractive way then you can try the handwritten style on your header design.

These are the top creative website header designs. I hope you enjoyed it. Tell us what you have decided to create for your header design and contact us for website designing solutions.

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