What is Design Thinking?

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The leading giants like Apple, Google, Facebook are working with the design thinking concept. Design thinking is taught all around the world in the top universities and colleges. Let’s get to know what is design thinking?

Design thinking is something that we understand users, accepts the challenges and make solutions to the problems through techniques and strategies.

It involves a deep understanding of the user experience and the products and services, for whom they are designed. It consists of problems, assumptions, and implications. It is essentially useful in understanding the problems and creating solutions. It also consists of sketching, making prototypes and testing the products and services.

Phases of Design Thinking

There are mainly 5 phases of design thinking that brands are working in.

Identify the users

Define the needs, problems, and insights

Think ideas to solve their problems and give solutions

Create a prototype to creating solutions

Finally, test the solutions you made

The phases don’t have an exact order to execute. You should understand the phases and their meaning. For what purpose they are working upon. You need to think outside the box so that you will provide great user experience and solutions.

When you promote a brand, you can also tell stories that give them opportunities and solutions. There is a lot of power in storytelling. They can be about an event or situations. They give an idea to imagine solutions for the problems. That is why it is known as ‘outside box thinking’.

Use design thinking to solve

Use design thinking to solve, What is Design Thinking?

 Design thinking can solve a lot of customer problems if you use it in the right way. By putting yourself in a customer’s shoes you can solve anything. Think of how customers want the product and services and try to make it as better as possible. Work through every detail and find new ways to improve the design and innovations of the product.

Design thinking is not a myth. It is all about creating solutions to the problems and innovating new ideas about the product. Share your thoughts and views on the article and get connected with Designingbulls.

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