Never Underestimate The Power Of Social Media During Crisis

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Social media is a powerful tool but it also can turn your accounts into a disaster. As there is no guidance about how to deal with social media in the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some strategies about social media for you so that you never underestimate the power of social media during a crisis.

You have got the opportunity

We have heard this our whole life that everyone is needed to have a great deal of integrity and do everything that comes in the way as an opportunity. We are not allowed to do some important tasks like to attend the conferences, have meetings with the clients, go to the office, shopping is closed, schools are closed and many more. So, everyone is now active on social media. Guess it’s the boom period for social media. But you know what the productivity hack is? Let’s just not post anything on our social media pages and don’t just wait for it to pass. If you are a professional, go and get something from it. Be professional and have some information on your social media. Trust me! It is not boring at all. Help other people. Share the knowledge that you have. And let them become the leaders they always wanted to.

Who is your audience?

You should know which type of audience you have. You need to identify that properly what your audience wants from you. If you have not done this before, then this quarantine time is high time to do this. We are already in the age of technology where everything depends on social media and digital mediums. Work on some insights and knowledge about what to post and how to post. 

It’s your turn to participate

If your audience or customers are not interacting with you and your brand properly, don’t blame them, that’s not their fault. Maybe you are in the wrong direction. Maybe you are misleading. We are in a situation where we all need to find opportunities and serve our customers. Not to show off but genuinely participate in some campaigns or foundations. Campaigns like wine and food week festival and southern smoke foundation doing great.

Make some different connections

Right now, everyone is free is finding ways to do something. Being connected with the persons you love or to make some new connections is the best way to boost morale. Talk to people. Some of them are frustrated because of pandemic time. Some of them are worried, upset as they are facing financial problems. While some of them are not affected by the quarantine time. Try to know some more things like which people are most affected by this time or about the ones who enjoying quarantine. Do some queries, ask some questions, make some valuable connections, do anything but don’t stay silent and watch everything. 

Now you know why should you never underestimate the power of social media during a crisis. Have you found valuable messages through the article? Tell us in the comment section and stay connected with Designing Bulls. 

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