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There are many reasons because you need to do re-designing your business online and that is ‘a website’. If that time has not come to you now, it will come soon. A new website will guarantee you a jump in your business if you do it in a right and effective way. You will see an impact and change on SEO. With proper research and testing websites, the redesign will give a boost to your business.

Now, every business can have its own reasons why they need a redesign. It may be your website is not converting customers and leads or it may be your website is not mobile responsive.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.” (Sources)

But why did you need to redesign your website, we have found some common reason to redesign and make a new website to reflect the image of your business and generate more and more from it. Here we go!

Re-designing your business online, statistics about website redesign

The 5 main reasons to re-design your website!


Like your content on the website, you need to do your branding consistently. For this, you have to change your website. Branding reflects your brand image and creates a reputation in the market. Always remember, rebranding doesn’t mean to change theme and colors, it also includes the content and structure of the website. Don’t let your customers feel that they came on the wrong website.

To catch more leads

Maybe your website has a great design but it is not converting the leads much as you want. Try to do a little research on your website considering landing pages, blogs and CTA (Call to Actions). It is possible that your landing pages are complicated to navigate. You should try to make some necessary changes to get conversions. You should improve your website and strategy to generate more leads. Expand or change the content on your site. Do some testing before you redesign your website.

To make it fast and responsive

According to a study, more than 17% of traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website is not faster to load and responsive, there are more chances that you lose customers and leads. Mobile users want a great UX on their devices. You should make your website necessarily responsive. Let people get the information from your website whenever and wherever they want to have it. Don’t make them look elsewhere. Make sure your site response much faster and consistently.

Better UX

We have learned in the blog 5 important things in the UI/UX that makes the client happy how much it is important to have a better UX. If you haven’t read it yet, you can go through it and know more about UX. User Experience is the new trending thing that is growing rapidly and has become a crucial part of the life of a website. It defines the visitor’s experience and how it aligns with it. Who wants a website that has bad navigation, slow loading times and complicated to understand which can cost you a huge loss. If you are tired of these bad UX practices, you should go for a website redesign and improve the UX.

To optimize SEO

Maybe your website is having a complicated menu, broken links, and bad graphics or keywords. It all includes a badly optimized SEO. Having great content and catchy graphics on your website can improve your website’s SEO. The quality content has no sense if the customers can’t find it readily available. If you want a boost in your business then maybe you should get a website redesign. Through effective SEO, people will find you easily on search engines and social media as well.

Nothing drives more traffic than a great effective website. If you want to create your website and re-designing your business online, you can get a quote from a web developer, and also if you have your unique reasons to have a website redesign, comment down below and don’t forget to get connect Designing Bulls.

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