How to set customer service goals?

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At a phase in life, you will look at your desk in your planner, what’s next? This is the most frustrating time when you think about what next to do. Due to incomplete planning, your work may also stop, and success may be delayed. Working overtime 7 days a week is just not fair and enough if you don’t have complete planning. You should consider the importance of how to set customer service goals?

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.”
― Louisa May Alcott

Goals are like a tracker in your journey, they help you to know where you are, where you want to go, and in how much time you’ll reach there. If you set smart and clever goals for you as well as for your company and its customers, you’ll reach your destination in no time. This time, we are sharing some planning tips for 2020 to set customer service goals!

What is customer service goals?

A customer service goal is a goal or target that makes your company measure its progress towards the end goal or objective with reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction. These are the planned goals or guidelines that a company makes to ensure that every customer should get 100% satisfied, and make them loyal to the company for the future. It is the process to understand the customers, to commit wholeheartedly and measure success.

The right customer service goals :  Measurable + Attainable + Clear

Know your end goal

Before you set any customer service goals, you need to set your end goal. Think deeply about what is a success for you and how would you feel after 5 years from now? What are the barriers that are stopping you from reaching there? All the ideas and puzzles that are coming to your mind, the skills in which you want to get perfection, the opportunities you want to get, don’t limit yourself to small targets or dreams, it is the time to achieve big.

Coordinate with your team

Your end goal is definitely ‘customer satisfaction’. Coordinating your end goal with the team means to have one mission and vision. It will be easier for you if you share your ideas and planning with your team. You will get more ideas and solutions from your team. You can easily make conclusions and strategies, and your team will feel more motivated than before.

Specific, clear and measurable tactics

The best-planned goals are easy to reach milestones. Your customer service goals need to be specific, clear and measurable. Instead of making vague goals, try to break it into small parts and make achieve them. Your goals should tell you the area to improve and the exact time when you have accomplished it. Start making mini-goals that your team can achieve and guide them to achieve the final goal.

Connect and challenge your team

If there is a common and one direction that you and your team are working upon, there are more chances to get there in no time. If there is no single direction, there will be more confusion and troubles. Setting big company goals with the team is better than having an individual goal. Being a part of success is the great motivator for each team member. Choose goals that will bring value to the company. You should choose achievable goals but that does not mean to be easy. Your team may get bored if they will do the same work again and again. Give your employees fresh goals every week and month and make it challengable so that they get a chance to get out of their comfort zone.

Create a plan

Once you set the end goal, its time to make a plan to accomplish it. Change your goals in the action process. Research about every possible aspect and the troubles that can come and take time to resolve. Identify the areas and scope for the team training, develop several training sessions for your team members. Make to-do lists on a regular basis so that you don’t miss anything.

Track the progress

Tracking progress and success does not mean to ensure just about yourself. You need to ensure that your team is working properly in the right direction. Make sure you help them in the trouble time and guide them. Don’t forget to appreciate your employees on a timely basis. By tracking the progress of individuals and your team you will be able to get to know the pinpoint things and causes. Make sure each team member feel heard. Make time for each team member and discuss with them the strength, weaknesses, and difficulties they are getting during the mission. You can make digital dashboards and whiteboards to make planning cool. Meet regularly to discuss further difficulties or changes.

Take feedback

Instead of having the one goal for the year-end, make small goals for the quarters and months. You can even break it into days to make it more understandable and easier. Daily or weekly check-ins can help you define your progress and success. Keeping your goals clear and maintained will make you more energetic and motivated. It also helps you to adapt and accept the change. If you think the particular goal is not working, update it. Remember the purpose and end goal while you make and update the goal.

Time to celebrate!

Yes! The most important thing is to celebrate success with your partners, team members and everyone that is responsible for the huge success. Instead of moving forward immediately to the next target, make time to celebrate success. Celebrate together! It is not just for the motivation and to relax but it proves to be a reward for your team members. It will lead to great team bonding.

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