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Application development and web development is the two quite different concept. Application development is the development of apps or software while web development is developing websites. Applications are developed for a particular platform and platforms are made through a website. To understand the concept better, let’s go through a little deep!

Application development

Application development refers to creating the application or software by specific coding and programming languages for a particular purpose. It is also known as software development. It includes planning, creating, research and development, testing, usage, etc. Application development is known as a desktop application. To develop software, developer should have the proper knowledge of programming, coding and the client requirements. It all based on the life cycle called SDLC (software development life cycle).

Web development

Web development is the process of creating or developing websites and applications that need hosting. It includes creating web-based applications and also a single page application. Web development is also created according to proper planning, client requirements, functionality, usability, responsiveness, etc. To developing websites you should have good computer knowledge and sometimes some coding skills like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, etc. Web development also includes a content management system, web designing, graphic designing, testing, maintenance, etc.

Some key differences between application development and web development

application development
web development

Benefits of application development and web development

Web development

  • Effectively show your products and services with websites
  • Social media connections
  • Branding of your products
  • Customer support marketing
  • Platform to show works or portfolio
  • Responsiveness
  • Speed control
  • SSL certificate authentication

Application development

  • All browsers support
  • Can be install and launch
  • Can be accessed without internet
  • Automatic update
  • Security and backups
  • Affordable then mobile development

Should you go for an application or website?

When it comes to choosing between an application and website it may be a bit confusing. The website is totally informational based concept while an application requires user response or input. Websites are completely handled by the content management system and graphics while applications require coding skills. You can check out our blog to know more about the Content Management System.

As we are in the new decade and technologies are continuously evolving, there are many websites that also require user interaction and some are dynamic. However, by the time, it will change and if you have a website for your brand after establishment and a reach you will also require an application for your brand.

It all depends on your requirements and goals and what will be good for your business in the future. Make sure you have anything but a good one. If you have a website and you are not satisfied with it, you need a website redesign. You can also check out our blog about website redesign. And if you have a completely satisfied website maybe you should go for an application for your business. You can get a quote.

To most people, web development and application development is not different. But according to a programming language, hosting, client-based are different. Both are valuable in their own way. If you have questions or doubts about web application and application development, don’t forget to comment down. We can help you in choosing between both of them.

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