Tips To Avoid Coronavirus When You Leave Home

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US and states around are tightening laws and restrictions as the confirmed cases of Coronavirus are 32000 in the country. In India, there are 492 reported cases. The world is locked down. However, you can still go to the grocery store, pharmacy shop, fill petrol and pick your food too. And when you do the same, you need more serious carefulness that you don’t become risky and don’t risk other people. Washing your hands properly and sanitize them timely is one of the crucial parts you have to do. Coronavirus is now officially said as ‘SARS-COV-2’ which is much dangerous and can easily spread. And the good news the precautions will work for you and save you. Here are tips to avoid coronavirus when you leave home.

Don’t use your fingertips

 You might think, how it is possible to work without your fingertips. Unfortunately, you have to do, no choice! Use your hands much less as possible. Every time you push a button, open door, pull the shopping cart, you have plenty of other body parts that you can use better. You can use your knees, elbows, shoulders, feet instead use hands. Don’t forget to wrap up your sleeves before touching anything. Never touch any food items without washing your hands. If you use hand gloves, much better!

The automatic one

While you are worried about germs and viruses, try to find the automatic options. Most of the modern buildings have these facilities buttons for mobility. You can touch them with your forearms or foot. Wait for the seconds to open the doors.

If possible, you can also consider bringing an automatic soap dispenser for your home so that you don’t need to worry about the transfering of the germs.

Watch your phone

This is another smart and beneficial tip for you. Watch your phone. Where did you put down it? Every time you put down your phone, you need to pay attention to it. watch your habits too. Do you really need to take your smartphone with you in the bathroom or washroom? Do you just leave your phone in your coat pocket or handbag? Put your phone where you need to worry less about the surface.

Remember every time, whenever you put down your phone on the surface, lay down a napkin and put the phone on it. You can also use disinfecting wipes for more safety.

Bring your shopping bags

Do not buy shopping bags from the stores. You have no idea how much germs on it and how much people touch it. Even push the cart if necessary. Have your own cloth bags that you can use and sanitize overnight. It is much safer and avoids cross-contamination.

Social distancing

Social distancing, Tips To Avoid Coronavirus When You Leave Home

Of course! How can you forget this one! One of the most important tips to avoid coronavirus when you leave home. Social distancing is the best way to reduce contamination and getting infected. Don’t handshake with anyone. You never know who is infected. You never know if someone has a weak and compromised immune system.

Wash your hands when you get home

This is another obvious tip to follow in pandemic time. Maybe you touch your mouth, nose or sometimes eyes more often. You go to the gym, you go to the grocery store, you drive your vehicle, you use restrooms and many other infected places. It will be better if you keep a hand sanitizer and wash your hands just after you reach your home.

These are the 5 most important and beneficial tips to avoid coronavirus when you leave home. The COVID-19 is continuously spreading. This is how you can protect yourself and practice safety precautions for you and the people around you. Stay safe, stay home & stay connected!

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