Top 5 Logo Design Trends in 2020!

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We are in the new decade and the new logo design trends are already trending here! The coming 2020s logo design trends are something a mixture of simple but elegant designs. These logo design trends are completely new and fresh for the new decade.

A major trend we have seen in 2019 was simplification. Logos which goes with simple, minimal and clean elements.

#1. 3D and Gradients

Top 5 Logo Design Trends in 2020!

Gradients in the designing world will keep remain on the trend. When one color is not enough, going with gradients is the best idea for a logo. The dynamic transitions from one color into another one makes the logo more catchy and mesmerizing. Merging of the colors reflects the life and energy in the logo. Combining multi-color which are bright and vivid creates beautiful concepts. It is quite reflecting innovation and originality. You can also stick to a one color scheme or try the multicolor idea. It makes your logo more interesting and gives your brand a unique identity.

Another hand, 3D design allows designers to turn logos in a more powerful and visual interface. In 2020, designers are bringing the fresh evolution in the designs that create 3D gradients which create depth effects in logos. However, 3D logos are difficult to print but they are best on screens. If you are not worried about printing your logo, the 3D logo concept is perfect for you!

#2. 80s Retro Style

Top 5 Logo Design Trends in 2020!

The 80s and retro styles are on-trend not only in logos but in graphic designing also. The retro design is based on retro color schemes which are pastel colors but look modern. The retro effect looks so trendy when it comes to logo designs. This is the time for regenerating  80s style in the designing world. It is quite a neon and chrome look. 80s look is considered to be the coolest and provoking style. Like people collect the vintage antique things for the living space in their home, these vintage logos are taking the fun seat too.

#3. Cartoon & Doodles

Top 5 Logo Design Trends in 2020!

Like the 80s retro power trend, but the different style is all about cartoon logos. The handcrafted, hand-drawn, clean art is on the rise and getting everyone’s favorite. In the faster-growing digital tech world, people are choosing to be grounded like cartoon style. It looks like joyful, adorable and expressive designs in the modern world. The custom made illustrations are more heart touching and emotional for the logo design. If you want to win the hearts of your audience at first glance you have to choose this cheerful and optimistic style for your brand. Don’t think it can only be made as a simple logo, but it can also come with an animation style which looks more friendly and entertaining.

#4. Daring Typography

Top 5 Logo Design Trends in 2020!

Choose a font, and it will turn into a logo! Your logo should tell a lot about your brand. Custom made fonts and typography logos are on the priority list of designers and business owners. Not only this, but these logos are also easy to print and screen loving also. The typography logo means you have a style that literally speaks a lot to your audience. Wierd and signature typography in the logo design is the big trend. They represent your brand as a funky and daring. Instead of going for the normal fonts on the logo designers are choosing something extraordinary style and fonts that never have been used.

#5. Imperfectly Perfect style

Top 5 Logo Design Trends in 2020!

The designs you are watching are not made by mistake or whatever. This is the new trend evolving which called imperfection or raw logo. These logos are proudly hand-drawn. It all about a mixture of drawing and writing. They don’t go with the perfect simple and sleek look, but instead of that, they are known for its imperfection. The asymmetrical and uneven lines make the best of it. The imperfect logo is getting its place in the top logo design trends of 2020. People are now craving for these imperfect styles for their brand. These logos just make your audience stop and stare for a while. If you are creative and crazy enough style you should go for the imperfectly perfect design trend for your logo.

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