The Hottest Color Combinations for Website

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Choosing the correct and fresh colors for your website is not a cup of tea. A website is made up of various little but essential elements such as links, banner, typography, buttons, and logo. Almost 90% of impressions depends on how you present your brand on the web. So, make sure you choose your color palette wisely. Web designers are really artists that spend a lot of time choosing the right color combinations for your website which makes your website unique and trending from others. To help you out here are some of the hottest color combinations for the website which inspire you in an original way. Here we go!

#1. Pittori di Cinema

The Hottest Color Combinations for Website
#FDD935 #000000

If you love high effects with minimalism, just see this website which is a great example of how to put the effective color with minimalistic graphics beautifully. This bright yellow color and black typography, isn’t the hottest combo? Although it is common to the color combination which is very popular in the designing world. The brighter the palette, the brighter the impressions.

#2. Cowboy bike

#000000  #FA255E  #C39EA0  #F8E5E5

The website is all about new generation bicycles. The soft pink and lavender colors with jet black visual on it makes it so much attractive. The brighter pink elements around the page are the center of attraction. It really represents the trendy palette. If you are thinking it must be a girly website, it is not. The website is about both genders.

#3. Five/Four

The Hottest Color Combinations for Website
#FA292A  #B89F5D #5A7670

If you go to the flashback, you will see more and more red which is a popular one among the color palettes. Red is the most powerful and challenging color to use when it comes to websites. The best way to use red color is to use it lightly and with muted colors. You can see the brand Five/Four which is using this concept of using bright red with a muted palette which makes it creative and capturing.

#4. Dropbox

The Hottest Color Combinations for Website

Dropbox used two colors which are usually not common around and seem like no pair together. But as we are talking about the website palette the dark color and baby blue is a really interesting combination. Using the opposite palette balances the contrast and creating an attractive appearance. Great job designers!

#5. Jean-Baptiste Kaloya Portfolio

The portfolio website is talking like ‘I am in the blues’. This website is designed with all the shades of blue. You will see the colors in various forms when you go through it and navigate it. The shades of blue really make it interesting and attractive.

#6. Amber XU

The Hottest Color Combinations for Website
#0D56D9  #5792CF   #22C6F0   #F2E68F   #FF0000   #A21A24

The Amber XU is a Motion Graphic designer, Illustrator, and Lobster enthusiast living in NYC. She used the combination of royal blue and black colors in the background which stands out in her work. You will see pale yellow, red and blue colors more here which are the main center of attraction on the website.

#7. JY BH

JY BH is a French clothing manufacturer that is all black. The shades of black used here represent quite a daring identity. You will see here the gradient effect which makes a creative mysterious look. The website is looking basic and hot.

#8. Designing Bulls

The Hottest Color Combinations for Website

Let’s talk about our Designing Bulls. We are a website design company and believe in ‘there is always room at the top’. However, we have used different color palettes on our websites but the site is more focused on deep black and dark green. The lighter typography here stands out on the dark background which looks quite bold and attractive.

So, these palettes are all about the hottest color combinations for the website. Keep in mind choosing the colors can make your website powerful or break your creation. Make sure your colors go perfectly with your idea and subject of the website.

You can take a quote regarding which color combinations are right for your website and make it powerful like no other.

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