How to add social media integration in web design?

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There is something about social media that attract users to engage towards it. There are 3.5 billion active users on social media. If you are a web designer keep doing the ritual, add social media icons to the top, add social media share buttons in the website posts and pages. Do embed relevant videos from Youtube. To know more unique ways, let’s see how to add social media integration in web design.

#1. Use hashtags and handles

How to add social media integration in web design?

The things that make social media different from other marketing elements are hashtags (#) and handles (@). The symbols that everybody is using from the past and will be evergreen in the future too. If you have a younger audience of your brand, then you should include hashtags on your web design. The hashtags and handles are cool ad –on to your website. Hashtags are used for promotional purpose and they should not be irrelevant. It can be a quicker way to engage users on your website. These hashtags and handles are becoming an essential part of our daily lives through we communicate with each other.

#2. Social media share buttons

How to add social media integration in web design?

Don’t forget to make your posts shareable with social media share buttons. It is a part of User experience as when you allow your visitors to share the content, it helps you to increase awareness of your articles and posts. While choosing share buttons make sure you only choose the social networks that are important. Don’t include unnecessary buttons on your website. The best places to fix the share buttons are the top, bottom, and side of the website.

#3. Social media follow buttons

How to add social media integration in web design?

With the share buttons make sure you add social media follow buttons to give proof that you are active on social media. It not only increase social media following but increases the awareness of your brand. People will get an opportunity to know your brand better. Your visitors must see the content and posts that you are sharing on your social media. The more you interact with the user, the more you will get reach. The social media follow buttons are the easy way to stay connected to your brand. Design your social media share buttons in such a way that it complements the style of the website.

#4. Social login is must

According to sources, 73% of users prefer to log in to the website through social media. Improve user experience with social login which increases your website’s impressions and conversions. Provide an opportunity for visitors to sign up through their social media profiles which increase conversions for users. And the good thing is, you can collect social data through social media platforms.

#5. Social proof and social feed

Having Instagram feel on your website is the perfect example of ‘How to add social media integration in web design’. This is the perfect and effective feature if you want to showcase your Instagram feed on your website. You are providing an opportunity for the visitors to become loyal and trustworthy to your brand. 79% of customers trust social proof in comparison to personal suggestions. Make sure you use proper plugins and widgets to increase conversions and engagement.

These are the important 5 ways through which you practice how to add social media integration in web design. Making your website more social media friendly will not only boost traffic to your website but also increase followers on social media channels. Now that you know social media integration, add some hashtags, add some buttons!

If you have more ways on integrating social media to the website, don’t forget to share it with us. And, for more updates, connect with Designing Bulls.

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