How to improve your product’s ranking on Google?

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What is the use of great content and the good design of a website until it ranks? Your website should get a rank on the internet so that whenever people search for something relevant, they will find you. We’ll discuss some hacks on how to improve your product’s ranking on Google here with Designing Bulls. 

Setting up a WordPress site is easy but optimizing that is not. It’s not like creating good content and having a good design is enough, it takes a lot more to rank on search engines like ‘Google’.

But before that, let me explain about What is SEO?

SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization which is the process of increasing quality targeted traffic to your website by doing organic or natural changes to your website to make your site more attractive in search engines. It includes some techniques and methods to do the process of discovering the content in the search results. 

It involves optimizing everything includes images, text, headlines, content length, descriptions, social media sharing, creating sitemaps, linking, page speed, responsiveness, more and more.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to do something like rocket science, just a little patience, consistency and hard work is enough.

Let’s have a look at #15 hacks to know how to improve your product’s ranking on Google?

Set simple Permalinks

Permalinks are the permanent links of blog pages or blog posts. It contains a simple search-friendly name that is made from post name. It also called ‘slug’. If you leave it empty it will be generated automatically according to the title of the post. Puctutations like [ , “ / ] are not allowed. If your title is ‘Want to start an online store in 2020?’, the slug will be generated as ‘want-to-start-an-online-store-in-2020’. WordPress allows you to change or edit permalinks according to your needs. In short, it is the last part of the Url. If you want to change permalinks settings, go to Administration Panels > Settings > Permalinks.


Installing a good SEO plugin in WordPress is a must when it comes to ranking. A WordPress plugin takes good care of every aspect of the content. The plugin allows you to have control over every detail of your content. We highly recommend the free Yoast SEO plugin by team Yoast as it does the best optimization and has many capabilities. Yoast SEO is the first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more. This plugin is helping millions of websites since 2008 to rank higher in search engines. You can also see the reviews while installing it. To install the plugin, go to plugins > Add new > type Yoast SEO in search bar > Install now > Activate. 

yoast plugin, wordpress

It might help a lot, but it doesn’t do the whole job. It doesn’t do the complete SEO for you. It gives you recommendations to optimize your website. But there is a lot more to do. For complete SEO solutions, you can connect to Designing Bulls. 

Focused Keywords

When it comes to How to improve your product’s ranking on Google, always remember Google is still working on algorithms and keywords are must in 2019 as well as 2020. Google gives importance to the first few paragraphs of the content and then the rest of that. And he decides in the beginning whether the content is good or not. You should write smartly keeping this in mind. You can take advantage of this.

#1. You can describe the importance of the blog in the first few paragraphs. Use important and relevant keywords, in the beginning, many times as you can. 

#2. A user some high-quality content and include images to better understand the motive of the blog.

Don’t just make a lengthy post and publish it, make it worth reading and easy to understand for the readers. Make sure you don’t put unnecessary or irrelevant keywords in the blog.

Meta Descriptions and Title tags

You can set the title tag in the Yoast SEO plugin. Remember, Google has a title limit of 65 characters, make sure you don’t go over that or it can’t be count. You need to place quality and catchy title tags so that it can catch the attention of the readers.

A meta description is the description of the content that is about 155 characters which describes a post’s content. The search engine shows the meta description in the search results as a snippet. Keep in mind the snippet length and relevant description as your goal is to drive traffic and clicks. Although meta description has nothing to do with SEO, it does affect the CTR that is Click Through Rate which is also an important aspect when it comes to search engines.

Image Alt Text

Let me tell you a fact that the Google algorithm can’t see images you upload. It ‘reads’ your images. An alt text is an alt description that appears in the place of images in the Google algorithm. It also shows on the user’s screen if the image fails to load. Alt text helps search engines to find your post. Alt text should include relevant keywords that describe the image in the best way. It should help the readers to get clarify the purpose of the image. You can edit the alt text while uploading an image to the blog or after uploading it.

Content worth reading

Of course ‘content is the king’ is still alive. The most important part of How to improve your product’s ranking on Google. Google gives first place to high-quality content. It is better to upload lengthy content instead of short content. The longer the post, most effective it is. Google always puts the content that the readers love and they want to come again and again on it. Use tools to check grammar and duplicate content before uploading it so that it won’t be trouble later. In conclusion, you should create better content that is relevant, actionable, helpful, high quality and evergreen.

Make it Shareable

While you creating the content and upload it, don’t forget to make it shareable. Good content is of no use until it reaches as many people as possible. Social media has huge traffic since the past years. Everyone is using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter frequently. And, the good news is you can take advantage of this. Share your blog post on many social media platforms as possible. It results to drive huge traffic onto your site. Add social media share buttons to your site to improve engagement. Never underestimate social media power!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics website launched by Google itself which helps in tracking traffic reports and visitors on your website. It is free and easy to use. It helps you to perform better and drive more traffic to your site.

Create Sitemaps

Sitemaps are a map of your website. It tells about the pages on your website. A Sitemap is an XML file that lists the URLs for a site. There is a Google sitemap generator through which you can generate a site map of your website. WordPress offers a plugin called Google XML sitemap that automatically creates a sitemap for your website so that Google can discover where and what is on your website.

Link to old ones 

When you create a blog, do link it to older blogs and that is also called Internal linking. Internal linking said to be very great in terms of ranking. Internal linking is a type of hyperlink on another page such as an image or paragraph on the same blog or website. It helps search engines to find more vast and relevant content from your site that automatically creates more engagement. It also helps your old post get more traffic. Linking new to old ones is also part of how to improve your product’s ranking on Google.

Catchy Titles

Create catchy titles for your blog posts. Make it more engaging and highlighted. It needs to be easier and fill it with curiosity. Keep it short and sweet but attractive. Use numbers. Use ‘how to’ more often. Use quotations and facts. Still getting confused then you can get a quote from Designing Bulls.


Make sure you use a responsive theme to build your site. WordPress themes are responsive and user-friendly. Maybe you should go through to select a perfect theme or you can hire a web designer and he’ll do the whole job for you. Your website should be highly responsive as it effect-site performance and ranking and which leads to bad traffic. A responsive theme results in better user experience which results in better page speed. Switch to a perfectly responsive theme or redesign your website.

Update Content

Google gives priority and ranking to those who frequently update their content. Google prefer updating content. If you’re posting 2 blogs a week, and don’t post anything in the next week it is even worse than posting just 2 blogs a week. Whether you do research for a week and then posting something even that is good as you’re putting efforts and time making it and Google will love it. The key is to stay consistent no matter what.

Create ‘Viral’ content

The thing about the top blogs is they don’t copy anything from anywhere. They always try to make content that goes viral instantly. It can be a piece of breaking news, it can be some fashion style, it can be a food dish or an interesting gathering at an event. Try to make a blog about what ‘hot’ is going on in the world and think like a reader whether they will love it or not. Once you get done with making that viral content, your next task is to promote it as much as you can. It will automatically increase the traffic and engagement that you deserve.

So, this is all about how to improve your product’s ranking on Google? If you are having trouble applying them, you can drop your query to Designing Bulls and connect now!

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