What to choose for marketing – SEO or PPC?

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As a business owner and market, sometimes you get confused about what to choose for more profitable deals and to earn more profit. And, you find that marketing is something which is hard to perform. You must hear about SEO and PPC. These are known for their marketing strategies. Many of us might get confused about what to choose. But, before we head on to what to choose for marketing – SEO or PPC, we need to understand both the terms.

What is SEO?

SEO is known as search engine optimization which is the process of increasing traffic of the website by improving its quality and quantity. It allows driving more and extra traffic to your site through a process.

What SEO do?

SEO creates a well-maintained website. It creates a sitemap and structure for the website. SEO can resolve the website’s issues. You can do keyword research with the help of Search engine optimization. It can let you know about your audience and insights. It can help you to create quality and valuable content that can be worth reading. It can help you to have backlinks for your website. It takes time and consistency to have the results.

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Brand image

SEO helps to establish a brand name. When you create optimized content in the favor of search engines, it will create your brand image.

Traffic and conversions

Studies found that SEO gets more traffic and leads in comparison to the PPC. As SEO works organically and originally, and what is original work for long.


Search engine optimization can’t give you the assumptions of exact outcomes. It may take 3 months, 6 months or more. SEO doesn’t give stability for the results.

What is PPC?

PPC is known as Pay-per-click, for which marketers use for their ads to get clicked. It is a process of purchasing visits to your website. It is one of the most popular aspects of Search Engine Marketing.

What PPC do?

PPC is a very straightforward campaign. It can help you to identify the PPC campaign targets. It can help you to design landing pages. Like SEO it helps to search for the right keywords and choose it. It also helps you to optimize the campaigns you are going to run. PPC can give you instant results.

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Brand image

However, PPC is for short term leads and conversions. It can’t give you a brand name or brand image. It can’t work for a long and you can’t depend on it for too long.

Traffic and conversions

The founder of Web Hosting Secret Revealed, Jerry Low says that they had never depended on PPC campaigns. SEO works better for them.


Through PPC campaigns, you can get to know the exact idea of what will be the outcomes are. It gives you the insights of exact keywords for the business.

Let’s head on to you. This is about what to choose for marketing –SEO or PPC. If you are still confused, let me tell you as we have discussed the pros and cons of both the terms. You can’t choose between both of them. Both have their own advantages as well. It is better to have both of them in your business. You will get the results in a combination.

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