The Super Social Media Tools To Boost Your Profile

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Wingardium Leviosa! When Hermoine shouts in the Harry Potter movie. What would heroes do without their magical tools in the movies? Incomplete! Whether it is Captain America’s shield, Thor’s Hammer, Spider Man’s super costume or even the super social media tools. How can we forget social media tools huh? They make our life super magical and easy. Well, you don’t need to save the world like superheroes but you have to save yourself right? Here are we talking about the attention, followers, and engagement for which you fight with the world on social media. If you are a professional, a freelancer or a digital marketing team, you will need the tools for tremendous growth. Let’s see the super social media tools to boost your profile.


Buzzsumo, The Super Social Media Tools To Boost Your Profile

It does not matter if you are a creative designer, perfect content creator or expert branding specialist, if you know what to give to your customers and what will they love, well and good! By knowing what your customers want is the key to a successful social media channels. Buzzsumo is an application that allows you to discover ideas, insights, influencers and much more. Basically it lets you know what is trending around. Ever found trouble searching for the topic? Don’t worry. Buzzsumo is here.



You can call Canva the all in one editing and designing application you have ever seen. It is super easy and attractive to use. However, it is better to give editing part to a professional editor or designer, still, if you love designing and editing, Canva is here for you. It gives you hundreds of templates that you can use to design your thing. You can design anything here includes cover pages, brochures, greetings, posters, visiting cards, and whatnot. Canva is an online app and is much easier than professional software like Illustrator and Photoshop. It is something like a quick fix to your creative designs.


Other than Hootsuite, crowd fire is an application that allows you to manage and schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. One of the best things in Crowdfire is a topic suggestion. It allows you to discover thousands of topics based on suggestions. With a click, you can add them to your social media like Twitter. And you know the best and interesting part is? It also suggests the best time to post! Bonus!


A serious video creating and editing application that is not serious at all like a Premiere Pro. The reason you need the video creating an application is that the video is the most engaging thing in the world until and unless you create a post that people can’t resist to watch.

So, the super social media tools to boost your profile is here. Use them as your magic wand and let the magic begins.

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