How to create a funnel for generating sales?

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Do you want more conversion rate or more sales? With this article, we will go through some strategies to create a funnel for generating sales. But before we begin let’s know about the sales funnel.

Sales funnel is a consumer-focused marketing model that illustrates customer journeys related to goods and services. It refers to the buying process. A sales funnel for generating sales is the step by step process through which you get your potential customers after go through with products and services. It allows you to give the leads on time. It is also called the process of purchasing decisions. It majorly helps in attracting the community, engage the crowd, give re-engagement of old customers, educate the committed and convert the potential customers.

How to create a funnel for generating sales?

Sales funnel can increase conversion rate up to 50%.

Here are 10 ways to improve conversion rates and create a funnel for generating sales.

Do blogging

Before your sales funnel make conversions, you need to give the funnel the content where customers can engage them. Write content or blogs about your products and services. Don’t forget to stay updated. Make your content creative and worth reading. Publishing articles and blogs about your brand and its products will help your website to find in search engines.

Social network

People are depending on social media for everything today. Whether to find advice or reviews social media works best. They expect business questions and how to’s on social media. Having social proof can make your customers loyal to your brand and increase trust that eventually increases conversions. Social media can make a huge impact on search engines.

Email marketing

You can educate your customers by simply mailing prospectus about your products and services. You can build a life long trust by just a simple email. Send an automatic mail to subscribers related to frequently asked questions about the brand and products. This proves to be an effective way to generate leads. You can create contact forms and email newsletter for this.

Call to action

Create more and effective call to actions on your website to attract customers. Guide your customers to take the action you want or contact you. Call to action is a great way for content upgrades. This is technique helps to get customers to update your products and services. You can simply create an image and connect it with a link to call the customers where you want.

Landing pages

Landing pages are the page on the website where a call to action is available and with an aim to generate your customer’s information to make a sale. Create best and creative landing pages to get the most traffic and higher conversion rates. Make sure your landing page is most relevant to the user’s needs and interests.


Creating campaigns is the method of creating a relationship that builds trust and converting customers. Brands that use campaigns for sales convert 50% more leads from customers. It helps in boosting ROI as it sends the right content at the right time to the targeted customers. You can create campaigns through various aspects like age group, gender, interests, education, geographical location, etc.


The emojis, gifs, and memes are trending nowadays. These are not just for entertainment and fun but it can also help in boosting sales and click rates. However, it depends on who you are targeting. If you have a brand that can target youngsters you can use these graphics. Do a little research before you can go for adding graphics in emails.


There are many reasons why your leads are not converting sales. Creating content that can retarget the customers can boost sales. It helps to know more about your brand and make a reputation. According to sources, re-targeting can increase conversion rate by 51%. You need to stay consistent to implement strategies. Start with the one and follow the next after research.

After getting an idea about sales to funnel benefits and leads when they come into your website, make efforts and spend time on it and generate sales. Comment down doubts and queries and connect to designing bulls to receive updates.

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