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Wondering how to use Instagram IGTV to promote your brand? Well, many well-established brands are doing this in a killer way. Instagram has launched its IGTV in June 2018, and now it is one of the trending things in social media. Stories can last up to a few minutes but users are using IGTV up to an hour-long. Let’s see how to use the trending IGTV to promote your brand.

Explore new audience

You can now explore new audiences through reuse your old video content and make it new. You can reuse your old videos of Youtube and Facebook, and give it a new life in a creative way. All you need to do is to edit them and make it in a creative video format. Once you publish it, watch out the reactions of your users, if they are liking it or not. You can also create stories about your brand.

Create engaging content

Sharing extraordinary content for your brand will give you loyal audience and customer retention also. Make sure you are giving your audience something interesting and engaging regularly. Make them feel emotionally attached to your brand. You can create behind the scenes of your brand’s development and manufacturing process. Another one you can do is capture events like social gatherings, fashion shows, etc. You can take interviews for your brand, capture an office tour record at the venue like Louis Vuitton.

Videos about products

Brands are now using IGTV to elaborate on the product details and features. The ‘how-to’ videos are trending everywhere. If you are constantly updating your product then it is a good way to post an introduction video about your product and how to use it. It will not only create engagement, but it will increase your followers too. That’s what you want! You can make makeup tutorials, hairstyle tutorials or fitness, and cooking classes too.

Choose a space

Choose a space, tarte cosmetics, Use The Trending IGTV To Promote Your Brand

To give your IGTV videos more definition, you can take a different space to shoot your video. It may be a plain background with a single color or you can decide a particular space to shoot that. For example, Tarte cosmetics is using the concept. You can see the pastel shades background in their IGTV videos which are focusing to create inspired looks, makeup tutorials and much more.

Consistency is always right

Consistency is always right

No matter what you do, you need consistency to add on. Even if it is about an IGTV video, you have to go consistently over there. Now, here are we talking about the theme you choose. You need to have a consistent theme video for your brand. For example, The Lily News shares all informative about their community at the IGTV. You can see they are maintaining a theme in each video which is black n white and blue.

Now that you have all the inspirations and strategies. Feel energetic and inspired to create your own IGTV video for your brand now. If we have missed something related to this article, you can share it with us in the comment section. And, don’t forget to connect with Designing Bulls to have updates.

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