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In the golden decades of technology, companies are hiring more and more tech skills professionals that speak a lot about talent and much more. To cope up with the global competition, the world needs more tech skills for constant development. After research and deep study, there are many online learning platforms like, Udemy and LinkedIn learning that helps youngsters to pace with the competition and get the top tech skills companies to want in 2020.

You can learn from these platforms and stand out in the crowd. Hiring people and analyzing the skills they are good at is quite tricky tasks for managers. For this, you can’t lose an opportunity. There will be a shift in technology which is a constant growing thing. Here is the list of top tech skills you can go for!



Python is a high-level programming language that is used in software development, data science and developing GUI applications. It allows you to focus on core functionality and object-oriented tasks of the applications and software. If you are good at mathematics and logical reasoning, you can learn Python easily, but if you don’t have a maths background, it may take longer for you to learn.

Web Design

Web design and development include many skills which are used to create websites and their maintenance. It has different concepts like graphic design, content writing, coding, and testing, etc. It needs both design and technical skills. A web designer is someone who typically understands what a website requires to function and what the client will love. Learn Webdesign from the best web design company in India.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning, Top tech skills companies want in 2020!

Machine learning is the scientific study of machines which is also known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). A study of algorithms used to perform computer tasks. It allows learning without being programmed. Machine learning includes computer development programs. It requires some programming skills which include Python, Java, and Javascript.

App development

App development, Top tech skills companies want in 2020! Designing Bulls

App development is also on the list of top tech skills companies want in 2020. Companies want a mobile-friendly version of every website now. No matter if you are happy with your website, you have to make a mobile version if you want to stay ahead in the competition. It is the process of app development through mobile devices. Learn app development from the best app developing company in India.

Digital Marketing

Besides programming languages and application development, the next hottest skill in the list is Digital Marketing. The technology uses the internet and other digital mediums through desktops and mobile to promote products and services digitally. Digital marketing is consist of advertising anything through digital mediums. You can learn Digital Marketing here.

Get all these top tech skills companies to want in 2020 in your bucket list and beat the competition. Share your thoughts and views on this article and get connected with Designing Bulls.

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