How to write attention-grabbing headlines?

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Ask a content writer, and he will tell you how important it is to write attention-grabbing headlines. It is even more important than the content. If you don’t make efforts to create great headlines, you may lose the audience. A study found that 59% of articles on social media don’t click for the first time in the mind of the user. Whether your goal is blogging, selling or entertaining, headlines are the only thing that can grab anyone’s attention. You don’t have to do a course about how to write attention-grabbing headlines. Keep in mind these little things and you will get there in no time.

“On average, five times as many people read the headlines as reading the body copy.”    

David Ogilvy

Does it make sense? Your headlines are the direction and light towards to reader’s wants. Without a catchy headline, you are wasting 3 things and that is, time, energy and efforts. So, here are you going to learn how to write attention-grabbing headlines?

1: Be short, sweet and refreshing

Be short, sweet and refreshing, How to write attention-grabbing headlines?

Less is more! While writing your attention-grabbing headlines, you don’t need to make a long sentence. The headlines should be 70 or less than characters. Around 20 characters work the best. For the best SEO practices, you can have your headlines between 7 and 15 words. You have a great opportunity to make your headlines a way better that can refresh your reader’s mind. You can take the help of some magazines or newspaper articles and look at how effective the headlines are.

2: Use some catchy keywords

While making the headlines, make sure you are going to impress your audience by making it attention-grabbing. Make it a way better and killer in the first look. You can take the help of some exciting adjectives like essential, crucial, proven, effective, ultimate, incredible, easy, valuable. Here, I used the word ‘grabbing’ to add fun. Using these words is the best opportunity to grab anyone’s attention.

3: Specificity is important

By being specific you will create the most unique in the brain of the audience. People attract to more original and real headlines and get engaged in it. Write ‘10’ instead of ‘ten’. Numbers provide an authentic image of the article. Numbers give strength to the headlines. It can be clicked easily within seconds. Use numbers as much as possible to make the headlines specific and clear. The faster the reader will click, the faster they will get about the article. So, be clear about what you write.

4:  The brief in one sentence

Look at your article. What does it tell about? See what the article’s topic is and what is its purpose. You need to summarize the article in just one sentence. It is not that much tough. For example, this article is all about writing good headlines, and I came up with, how to write good headlines. It can also be the headline of this topic. But I thought it needs a little magic to make it more effective and catchy. So I wrote, ‘How to write attention-grabbing headlines’. Now, look at the difference in both headlines. Which sounds more interesting? Obviously the second one.

Keeping in mind these essential tips on how to write attention-grabbing headlines will lead you to more and more improvement. Try these tips in your articles and let us know how it helps you.

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