Importance of Twitter Engagement for Brands

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As social media becomes a crucial addiction of our daily lives, understanding the importance of Twitter engagement for brands is one of them. Twitter is the platform where anyone can share their thoughts with the world in the form of tweets. Anyone can engage with the personalities. Twitter is the only platform where brands and consumers can share their views with the world without any restrictions or limitations.

Twitter is also an ‘Engagement Goldmine’. Twitter not only attract quality and unique audience but it also makes your desired potential customers. Interests are easy to define through tweets, retweets, and hashtags. The condition is you have to be engaging. You can feel the engagement through these aspects: Pictures, links, videos, hashtags.

Why should you know the importance of Twitter engagement for brands?

Allows you to engage with the target audience

The biggest advantage of having a twitter presence is, active users. It allows you to engage with your target niche audience that will more engage with your brand. You can target your audience, demographics, audience features based on location, language, gender, age group, and technology. Even if you have an audience of 100 people, a retweet can help you to reach to 1000. Through this, you can also get the followers who retweet your tweet back.

The Audience Immediacy

Twitter works in favor of immediately reaching the audience. If you are sharing something new and original on your blog, it may take a while to get the reach, but with Twitter, in just 280 characters you can share anything you want to share and get the reach easily. It will appear in the feed instantly and can be seen by anyone who is online at that point. Twitter allows brands to engage and keep the customer updated.

Well-suited for customer service

Twitter is perfect and well suited for customer service. Twitter is the most promising platform for customers to directly interact with companies. It responds to the customer quickly.

Customer-brand interaction

Unlike Facebook, the replies are public but hidden by default on Twitter. Twitter allows you to communicate directly and personally. Many brands nailed twitter engagement. They help their customers in a fun and timely manner. Make your twitter profile representative of your brand.

Boost SEO

Twitter is the best place to do free marketing and get a boost. You have seen people link websites in their tweets. It is helpful for giving a boost to your tweets or articles. Twitter is the best platform to reach out to influencers and bloggers and get a connection with your company or brand. You will find it useful for sure.

How to get Twitter Engagement?

Use Images

We all know how effective visuals can be instead of just simply posting simple text posts. In order to get incredible engagement with your brand, you need to see what you are posting. The best way to define your post in a better way is by adding images or videos. A study found that twitter engagement increase by 150% by sharing images. It proves to be more appealing and engage at a rate 5x higher.

Memes or GIFs

Gone are the days when memes and gifs are just using for fun and entertainment. You can also use memes and gifs in the posts. This will fun to your post and will be hard to scroll for your users. It is a trendy and unique way to show your brand image to the world. Use the correct gif and memes that can completely go along with your post or article.

Use Twitter chats

The way to build a large engagement with your brand is getting involved in Twitter chats. It can help you to communicate with people and audiences with similar interests, products, and topics. Twitter chat is basically a conversation regarding a particular hashtag. It allows you to get involved in the discussion going. You can also start using your own hashtag.

The evergreen catchy content

Putting the catchy graphics and evergreen quality content is always working the best. The new and unique thing you can do is retweet the tweets in your profile. It is the best way to define that your twitter presence is not just about you and your brand but you also support and value the tweets of others. You can retweet the best content that is relevant and helpful for your audience. You can easily connect with brands and influencers.

Hashtags are magic

Twitter is popular when it comes to hashtags. It is helpful in increasing your content rate and help your audience to search for a topic. It defines the subject of your content and helps you out in finding similarities. Make sure you use good and relevant hashtags and which are popular. Don’t use many hashtags in a single post as it looks spammy and annoying.

Best time to tweet

A study found that B2B performs 16% better during business hours and B2C performs 17% better on weekends.

Weekends around noon and 5-6 pm are peak moments during worker’s breaks. Twitter users are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute. Use Twitter analytics and Followerwonk to track data on your own followers to find the best time to tweet.

So, that’s all about the importance of Twitter engagement for brands, tell us what are your twitter strategies in the comment section. And get connected to Designing Bulls for more updates.

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