The VR – Experience like no other

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Have an ever had an experience that blew your mind? If not, you must take a VR (Virtual Reality) experience. I am sure you will feel not less than a roller coaster! None of the technology can compare the virtual reality for sure. It is not less than an amazing adventure. It is just like the way it sounds, the VR- experience like no other. In this cut-throat world, virtual reality is cutting – edge technology. This technology already had a lot of investment and going to be at the top in recent years. If you are going to use it in your business it will not only boost your brand but it will open new opportunities for you. Before we know its uses and benefit, let’s get to know about virtual reality.

What is (VR) Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a technology in which an artificial environment is made by software and programming for the users. When users see it, it looks like a real environment and users accept it as a reality. It is based on the two human senses which are, sight and sound. The virtual reality promise to be a realistic experience.

What Virtual Reality can do?

Virtual reality has the ability to change the future that holds medicine, food, business, architecture, and manufacturing.

Virtual meetings and training

Virtual meetings and training

Some companies are now using this hottest trend called virtual reality in their training, recruiting as well as to meet up also. It helps in engages the employees to meet the challenges and troubles that seem a reality. Companies allow using VR in the workplace so that the employees feel that challenging the work environment and create the best solutions for it. VR can also help to train employees from various locations and time zones as well. This new training also gives employees a level of satisfaction and confidence that they are ready to face any challenge or situation in the near future. It allows salespersons to practice their sales and analytical skills. Using virtual reality in the workplace can lead to building a strong and valuable organization for sure.

Walmart is using Virtual Reality for the training of its store employees.

Medical training

Medical training

Using virtual reality in the medical section is quite amazing and nothing less a miracle process. VR has been used to treat pain for the patients are who are undergoing cancer treatment. It helps in managing high pain treatment like severe burns, open wounds and physiotherapy. In this process, patients wear VR, after that they get distracted from the real pain and suffering place. Most dentists are using this incredible technology while doing tooth surgeries.

Not only this but VR also helping medical students to learn and gain experience faster. With the involvement of VR in education, students are getting able to conduct small surgeries. Students can spend hours practicing the surgeries with this technology so that they can get prepared faster for real surgeries. This can also help in reducing the risk while conducting the real operations on the patients.

Business and Architecture

The VR - Experience like no other

Have you ever use video chat to contact business partners? That is virtual reality. Many brands and businesses are using VR to minimize costs, reduce business travel costs, for conducting interviews, training, meetings and to forecast the trends in the market. Instead of traveling one city to another or from country to country, which is time and money consuming, brands are using virtual reality conference rooms to communicate with each other. Many brands who have dangerous or risky products are using VR to testing and manufacturing processes keeping in the mind the health of employees.

Virtual reality is also making advantages for architects and designers to understand better. It helps them to save time in drawing the layouts which is time and cost consuming. The VR is helping out the designers in such a way that they are testing the environments before building anything in reality.

Treating anxiety and disorders

The VR - Experience like no other

Anxiety can also lead to panic attacks in a patient’s body. Some people feel like losing the ground from under the feet and while some have chest pain. A common symptom of anxiety is breathing difficulty. These symptoms and many other difficulties that patients face commonly can be treated and explained with virtual reality. The medical process can track a person’s breathing with the help of VR and offer therapy to consider for it.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is very common in soldiers during combat. It is also be seen in general people and not limited to soldiers. It is a mental disorder that generates in person when he faces situations like road accidents and sexual abuse. VR is helping them to overcome their fears and cope better accordingly.

Unique Entertainment

The VR - Experience like no other

You will hear soon, experience before fly! People will able to see through VR what the hotel, city, and destination is giving to them. You will soon able to see the boat riding around the Statue of Liberty or a helicopter experience around NYC. You will have the experience which said to be never like before. The world is waiting to learn the culture and traditions around the countries. There are games and movies which you can experience now.

So, are you excited about this new technology the VR – Experience like no other? Because I am! If you have more examples of virtual reality in daily lives, please share with us and connect with Designing Bulls.

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