Top Landing Page Design Trends

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 You have seen songs or hairstyles becoming popular rapidly because they are following an engagement formula. Same if we talk about the designing world, and the topic is the top landing page design trends, the best way to find out the best design trends is to test it. It will only increase your ranking but lead to a huge conversion rate.

Designing trends are crucial for landing pages as they make the first impression from visitors. Now, we have seen many design trends but here are we talking about the most popular ones.

But before you begin for the trends, you have to study something and they are,

  • Know your audience
  • Know your goals
  • Ads for the page
  • Optimize your pages for SEO
  • Responsiveness

There is a lot more to keep in mind but without wasting time let’s head on to the Design Trends!

Minimalist design

Top Landing Page Design Trends
Top Landing Page Design Trends

Dominating is out right now and the trend ‘less is more’ is here. You don’t have to put so many things on landing pages. It always needs a simple design to convey your message. Minimal design is clean and easy to eyes. It will also help in loading your page faster. You have only just seconds to grab attention of your visitors so it goes right and best for you. In simple words, minimal design is something that stays. Designs that keep your pages clean & simple always matters. And after all, a page that loads faster converts faster.

Interactive design

Top Landing Page Design Trends

This one will definitely the future. Not many brands are using it right now. And you know it first and get it. Interactive pages are on-trend because it engages users in its content to interact with them. Your main goal is a conversion from each section of the blog. Landing pages that are just for pressing buttons around and you found no reason to be it is really frustrating. By adding interactivity to your landing page will boost your conversions and impressions. These kinds of landing pages that you click and scroll anywhere and every time you find something informative. It can be colorful and catchy. You can see the above landing page. It is always simple and to the point design trend. And, here is the secret, interactivity leads to more ranking and engagement to your website.

Geometric design

Top Landing Page Design Trends
Top Landing Page Design Trends

A friendly geometric design includes lines, shapes, and grids that you can find in a geometric book. This design trend represents modern design and society fasciating with technology. Designers are starting to use warmer and vibrant colors filled in curves to make landing pages more welcoming. These are friendly, mathematical and futuristic. It helps companies to appear technologically advanced.

Grayscale design

Top Landing Page Design Trends
Top Landing Page Design Trends

Grayscale designs are dynamic images that are white & black in color. Where many brands are going for playful and vibrant colors, you can appear serious and thought-provoking. It helps for brands that go for creativity and artistry such as web designers. It can also help brands that are charities and non-profits. The best thing about the grayscale image is it makes the accent stronger and creative.

Glitch design

Top Landing Page Design Trends

If you are thinking this is the filter used in Instagram and Snapchat, then that is not true. It can help in many exciting ways. Many brands are adopting glitch art in their work. It was even on a bigger scale in 2019. Glitch art goes with futuristic fascination. Glitch art can create memorable visuals if you work with the right brand for the right purpose. It can helps edgy brands to grow. It can help the brands that want to be known for their visual powers.

So, these are the landing pages design trends of the last year and will grow in 2020. Comment down your thoughts and inspiration about landing pages and tell us if you want to get one of them, we will be built for you! Don’t forget to get connected to Designing bulls.

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