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What should I include in my website? What are the things your website should have? It is a very common question every website designer or developer’s face. Small businesses and entrepreneurs always ask when they decide to make their website.

The Internet is full of billions of websites. There are websites that have bad design and are not good to open. But, we are talking about making a good website that includes several factors such as, mobile responsiveness, good loading speed, catchy design and many more. A website is a reflection of your business and you. Make sure you design it better.

Let’s help you out through some 10 essentials your website should have!

Strong and Catchy message on the ‘Home page’!

Whenever your customer wants to visit your website, he will land on your ‘home page’ first which is also called ‘landing page’. Through your home page, you should tell everyone who you are and what you do? The content on your homepage should be that catchy as it grabs your customer’s attention within seconds. Your homepage should be responsive, faster, well-designed and professional. Make it easy to navigate so that your customers can easily get connected. It should include a short description of who you are and briefly about your work and your services. You can either add this in ‘about page’. This is the first page through which your customers can feel that they are on the right website. And that’s what you want!

10 Things your website should have!

Always remember, ‘The first impression is the last impression’.

About your goal

10 Things your website should have!

The ‘About’ page should have a little bit of your introduction and more about what are you giving to your customers. You need to describe your services in such a way that they will not get such good services anywhere else. Now, make sure that you use easy and sensible language to describe your services because not all the customers are knowledgeable. You need to educate your customers about your services and products in an easy way. You always need to keep it simple. Give a summary of your company and its services, your way of work, you can also include about your team members and a short description of them, the achievements you have and things that make you different from other companies. Your about page should be effective and helpful to your customers.

Blog section

10 Things your website should have!

Well, the blog section is not compulsory but it proves to be very effective, informative and it is also helpful to get more traffic. It can increase your page views, shows you as an expert and educational, and define the image of your company as well. If you have a blog section on your website, try to consistently put updates and articles on it. It will boost your rankings in search engines like Google. The things you must keep in mind is to frequently update it, optimize, design and maintain it properly. If you add a blog page to your website, make sure you commit to it. You can see the image below how we frequently update blogs on our website Designing Bulls.

Killer and Fresh content

10 Things your website should have!

This is the way through which you can engage your audience for sure. Your website should include fresh and updated content that needs to be killer and catchy in your audience’s eyes. If you don’t put any update in a while you’ll lose much traffic from it. You can add videos, images, text, blogs, customer testimonials that are SEO optimized once in a week and if possible update it on a regular basis. Make them feel that you are active and serious about your business. You need to give them always what they are looking for. Make sure your content is original and informative. Always add fresh quality content and make it a killer to read. Afterall, Engagement will be more where something new will be found daily.

Call to Action

10 Things your website should have!

Your audience might get confused when they visit your website if you do not have a proper call to action. You must have a wish to visit your customers on your website and do something. Your website should have a clear call to action through the simple information on how they contact you or how they can find more about you and your business. You need to require them with some basics and also take a followup. Make sure you don’t create your website as a ‘maze’.

Social media connections

10 Things your website should have!

You will never want to lose your customers due to the fact that they come to your website and know nothing more about you. Never made it difficult to get in touch with you. The best way to get more engagement on your website is to have social media connections as much as possible. Make your active presence on every social media platform to get more leads and conversions. One of the best contact connections you can add is Facebook, Instagram, G-mail, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you want more to add, you can have it. It is never enough to just present on your website. You need to explore as more as possible. If you want quick results, social media connections are the best way except for the fact that you keep updating it daily.

Customer Reviews

10 Things your website should have!

You often heard the line, ‘Customer is the King’. If you want feedback about your work and your services, nothing is better than honest customer reviews. It will make your services and products more effective. Your customer reviews will help you to get the trust of your future customers. Make a section on the website where you can add customer reviews and ratings. As people always come after hearing a story or feedback. It will help them to find out what your website doesn’t have. It will make more trustworthy and loyal customers for your business.

Contact Information & Contact form

10 Things your website should have!

It is an obvious thing to add to a website. Make a contact form easy and elegant so that customers will reach you with their queries and doubts. Your contact page should tell your customers how can they get connected with you. It is so important to have your e-mail id and phone number in your contact information. You can also add an address and a google map of your location to make it more effective. Other than this, make a contact form that includes boxes to add Name, e-mail or phone no, and query or reason to visit your website.

Your works

10 Things your website should have!

Your work is your identity. It is absolutely relevant and helpful when it comes to getting more sales. If you are a very beginner, you don’t need to add this section now. After getting clients and work you can make a page ‘our works’ which totally describes how you work and what type of clients and customers you have. It is very often that people get attached to your business after seeing other people. Make your work page simple and real to attract your customers. They will know more about you and your company through this. It reflects a trustworthy connection and you’ll get more sales through this. Make sure you keep updating your work profile.


10 Things your website should have!

Customers will not come to your website if your website is ‘not secure’. You often have seen websites who shown as not secure with the website address. That means the website is not giving a secure connection. You need to get the SSL certificate of your website to overcome this problem. You can contact a web designer to get more information about this. Another thing you can do is to add a ‘privacy policy page’. Sometimes, people neglect this page but it is a must for every website especially when you are a professional. It tells your visitors what you’ll do about the contact information they are giving to you. It makes them sure and get a relief that their personal data will not be shared with the third party. Through this, your customers get more satisfied with your business.

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