Things to stop doing in Mobile App Design!

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There are many advantages and benefits of having mobile app and the right design of it. But, today we go through about the things to stop doing in Mobile App Designer.

What is a mobile app design?

Mobile app design consists of both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Designers create the overall design of the mobile app, the color selection, typography and all the buttons and widgets that will be used.

It is important for a designer to always stay updated in its terms and websites to look fresh and full of functionality. Look out how you reflect on mobile design.

8 common mistakes of mobile app design

Bad first impression

The first use of an app is very crucial for any user. It also seems like a critical period of the process of mobile design. If they will see anything boring or confusing, they might find it uninteresting. Without proper overboarding users get disinterested. Having an exciting and engaging feature is a very balancing aspect. It can be good if the designer will just follow and keep in mind what the user wants from the app. Make sure that whenever a user will use the app it should make a good impression and good in functionality.

Design without a purpose

Now, this is an obvious thing that everything needs a purpose. Without a purpose its value is nothing. If you are designing an app you should have clear intentions. You should have a niche, or follow the trend or solve a problem. These are the common purpose with which apps are designed. Each piece of the app should be relevant to the purpose. Make sure the vision and purpose should be properly communicated with the users so that they will understand the value of it. Keep in mind some common questions that how your app will improve people’s lives? Will it provide an entertainment zone or comfort? Or is it for communication purposes? As long as your app is useful it will bring you profits.

Fail to optimize

Mostly designer skips the planning of the User Experience (UX) part. You should map out the architecture and structure of the app user flow. Designer get excited about making the final part. But, they commonly make mistake by ignoring the basic step. You should include the necessary navigations and details in the app. Just slow down. Design and sketch every single detail if you really want a billion downloads. After that, remember the big picture in the mind. Make sure you design the well – thought user flow diagram.

Development budget

As soon you decided the details and diagram of the design of the app, this is the time when you should talk about the budget with your development team. This also saves time and energy and you will get an exact idea of how much you have to spend on the work process. You will get an idea of what are the necessary resources you will need. It will avoid budget frustrations.

Overfilling designing features

Now, one of the biggest mistakes you can make while designing an app is cramming the designing features. Excessive functions are bad for everything you work hard for. It will give you a poor user experience but result in an overloaded app in the market. What makes sense if your app will fail to explain anything about it. Overfilling the unnecessary features is always hard and bad.

Abusing notifications

Push notifications are the most irritating part of any app design and functionality. If too many found, the user will turn off the app, or probably uninstall it. Actually it is not about the notifications, it is about the content on it. Useful notifications such as reminding users for an event or pop up of a new message seen as helpful. The user experience will be bad or good, it depends on notifications.

Dark patterns

If you want to make your investment worth then you have to monetize your mobile app. There are many bad examples of dark patterns in mobile app design. They provide no time or idea when the add will end.

Harmful FOMO elements

Many marketers, influencers and designers use FOMO elements because it is very effective in boosting sales. But it also can be damaging to users’ mindsets.

The Toonblast gaming app has constant FOMO. The game displays popups reminders always on countdowns which are impossible to ignore. Even if reminders were sent as push notifications instead of popups, it would be bad in terms of User Experience (UX). Instagram is working on removing FOMO from its app. Instagram is not completely FOMO free. You can see stories from the top of the page. There is nothing instant and urgent like stories displayed. They also don’t take much storage of the app. Hence, if you are planning to create an app, create simple that avoids harmful FOMO elements.

Comment down any other mistakes you know and get connected to designing bulls.

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