Know The Difference Between Aloneness And Loneliness

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The world is facing the trouble called Coronavirus and we are asked to stay home no matter what. By staying home means you have to stay quarantined. Social distancing is implemented to protect everyone’s lives. The travel restrictions, banned gatherings are the signs that soon we are going to overcome the trouble. But, while we are home, it is also important to take care of our mental health and mindfulness. And for this, you should know the difference between aloneness and loneliness.

Many of us live with family and loved ones. But when it’s come to staying with them, sometimes we feel suffocated or tensed. Some of the tips we have that will help you to live happily in your home with your home mates.

Accept Your Feelings

Whether you are surrounded by your loved ones, or with hostel mates and roommates, the feeling of loneliness is different when we are not that much social. But, if we try we can learn how to live with ease. Sometimes you lose patience and get offensive. These small actions can let you face bigger situations. Accept your inner feelings and let them go. You can do meditation for better control of inner feelings.

Don’t Be Reactive

While you are at home together, misconceptions and disagreements will happen. By doing meditation you will become more proactive and less reactive. It will let your feeling pass away and make you a more mature person.

Foster The Communication

It is so much important to open up with your loved ones and have open communication always. The more you become honest, the more easy life will be. Especially when we all are facing an uncertain time, talk to your loved ones. Forget all the fears, mental frustration, and useless chatter and show some compassion for others.

Being And Feeling Are Different

The feeling of alone and being alone are different from each other. Some people who are self-isolated are feeling disconnected from everyone around the world.  And some are living with their families and still feeling alone. Do you understand the difference? Now thing who is really alone? If we accept in the mind, everything is real. The fact is aloneness can give you creativity, it gives you a piece of self-reflection and gives you an opportunity to understand yourself.

Now that you know the difference between aloneness and loneliness, you know what should you do. Stay safe, stay home, have a good quarantine time and stay connected with DesigningBulls.

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