Major Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020!

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As we are in the new decade, it is a great high time to look for new trends. 2020 is something more about strategic trends in marketing. Many trends are focusing on the market and technologies. The digital marketing trend that will rule the market for the next years will be user experience, customer engagement, content creation, and visualization. Let’s lookout to the major trends of digital marketing in 2020.

User experience

2020 will be the year of user experience. We will see the changing definition of marketing in this decade. There will be nothing like convincing people to buy something. Marketing is all about taking care of the customers and brand relationships and providing customers with the greatest benefit. For this, online content can do the best for them.

There is nothing that can be good than reading reviews online. 73% of people believe that user and customer experience are the most important factors for deciding about any product or service. Digital marketing is all about providing your customers with great user experience to attract new customers.

Content visualization

With the evolution in technologies like Alexa and Siri, there is one more thing you are forgetting about and that is visuals in the content. This does not only include graphics and illustrations that can give life to the content but creating visual content like infographics can also work better. You need to make sure your content should be readable. With creative text, you should not avoid visual content.

Companies like Google are actively investing in visual content more. 62% of readers say they are loving visual content more than simple text content.

Voice search

Major Trends of Digital Marketing in 2020! amazon echo, alexa, siri

You already know that voice search is going to be on the trending list as it already trending. It is a great example of how brands are using influencing technology to promote their image. There is a prediction that in 2020, there will be 50% searches dependent on voice. People are now getting habitual of Alexa, Siri, Amazon Echo-like technologies. Voice search will not only makes your life easier but also creates new opportunities for you in the marketplace.

Customer retention

In this era, brands are focusing on customer retention instead of just focusing on new customers. Customer retention is more valuable and powerful than getting new customers. Old customers not only increase loyalty towards your business but they also help in creating brand reputation in the market. Your first duty is to make your customers happy. A happy customer will automatically attract new customers. Customer retention and loyalty are some of the major trends of digital marketing in 2020.

If you are outdated with the trends of marketing, you are limiting your brand from getting the rank in the market. These were the major marketing trends of digital marketing in 2020. Ready for digital marketing of the decade? Comment down your doubts and views in the comment section and get connected with Designing Bulls.

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