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Is Your Business Voice Working? If yes, then congratulations and pat yourself on the back. You did a great job! If you are not familiar with this trend and want to optimize your business for voice search, let’s get to know about it.

What is a voice search?

Voice search is the trend that is growing rapidly on the Internet. It has changed the way of searching and proves to be a technology people get addicted to. If you are using voice search command in your mobile phones, laptops or even in-home then you are probably you are the one who is walking with the trend.

In a simple term, voice search is the technology through which you can find anything on the Internet, in your home, and in your mobile device’s apps with the help of your voice. You don’t need to type anywhere to search. These are also called smart assistant which includes Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Siri.

Optimize your Business for 'voice search'! Statistics, facts and figures

By the changes and development in AI technology, we can experience these smart assistant that is sorting our life. You can do anything through this trending thing within seconds. It proves to be an effective way to do anything done.

What is Voice Engine Optimization?

Voice Engine Optimization is a voice-based Search Engine Optimization. Voice Engine Optimization helps you to optimize your content, location and other information about the brand. If you are thinking that it is too early to use this technology as it has just started. Then you are wrong and you need to think again about this. Many business owners across the world are adopting this technology to getting more engagement and traffic towards their brand.

Why should you include a voice search in your business? What is Voice Engine Optimization?

Why should you include a voice search in your business?

  • Voice Search optimization can help you meet your potential customers.
  • Great to maximizing desired factors.
  • It is a growing and trending part of Digital Marketing.
  • Easier to use and less time consuming than typing text.
  • More focused on search results.
  • Gives relevant and faster results.
  • It shows your brand more effective.
  • Great opportunity for a local business.
  • More convenient user-experience.
  • Direct effect on Digital Marketing strategies.
  • Direct effect on your company’s success.

How can you Optimize your Business for ‘voice search’?

Keep your business listings clean

You can do business listings through a Google tool which is known as ‘Google My Business’ that helps business owners to have their online presence in search engines. With the help of some Google My Business basics, you can create clean listings to optimize your business.

Firstly let me tell you, Google my business tool is free and doesn’t replace anything. Consider some important tips to get more of it. Fill out your business details accurately and with correct grammar. Put your name in capital form, write street or locality name correctly. You can edit your service area details later. Save your zip code accurately. Add some photos and active hours according to you. Once you save your information changes, it is the time for a verification in which Google sends a verification code in a postcard to you. After that publish your Google listing.

Speed Update

Optimizing voice search for your business proves to be very effective for quick on the go results. The best time in which a website should get loaded in under 3 seconds on mobile and desktop. If you are getting trouble in ranking because of the speed issue then it might affect voice search optimization. The factors that result in speeding up the website are, optimizing your images, not adding too many plugins, updating your site scripts, enabling browser caching, and many others.

Focus on Questions / Answers

41% of people who use voice search in their routine like to ask questions to smart assistants. They even feel like they are talking to a friend or human. People never just say words, they ask questions. Focusing on long & lengthy phrases in your content will help you get more results. You need to find trending phrases that people like to ask. For this, you can create a FAQ page to drive sales and conversions. Update your content more frequently. Create questions including your questions and answer more to get more traffic.

Mobile Optimization

You need to understand that there is no effective voice over optimization if you do not have the proper responsiveness of your website that eventually reflects proper SEO. It is absolutely important to have a proper SEO strategy for having proper voice engine optimization. Make sure your pages of website load in less than 3 seconds and it will boost up your mobile version. Users always expect to have instant responses. Make sure your mobile is completely mobile responsive.

Speak through keywords

As you are working on voice search optimization, you need to get sure you use simple and easy to pronounce keywords throughout the process. You can also take the help of Google tools for keyword planning. This will be helpful in providing quick responses to the users and your website will get visibility and rank immediately. To create relevant and better content, you need to write in their language. You need to write it according to the user’s mind and likes. When they get a solution through you it will be very helpful and satisfactory to you.

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