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 Just like any other work discipline, design and art come with some rules. However, breaking rules considered to be extraordinary and unique. But here are some designing rules for newcomers in the designing world. For breaking the rules you must aware of that, so you can break the rules in the correct manner. Before you think, rules are made to break, here are web design rules you should never break.

Be consistent

Be consistent

In all things in the world, you have to maintain the consistency in the design rules. You need to maintain consistency in all the branding elements so that your audience easily figures out that it is your brand. By being consistent in your design elements, you are getting assured that your brand is never get replaced or represented badly. Keep consistency in the color palette, fonts, and typography. Use not more than 5 color combinations when you are doing branding and marketing. Decide one font family and stick to it. In short, you have to design everything in a single series without being boring.

Don’t discord colors

Don’t discord colors

Colors are the most beautiful part of the design structure. It can be a powerful tool if you use it correctly but it can be evil too if you neglect some little things. You just need to make sure you use the right colors for your design that complements each other. Don’t discord colors. If you are using a color palette to your fonts, make sure your text should be easy to read. They should easily get the viewers’ attention. That does not mean you can’t try new palette combinations or different ideas, just keep in mind it should look attractive and easy to see and not to look like a crisis.

Maintain alignment

If you do random things like placing graphics or text within a design, then it can look messy and unorganized. It can look poor and reflects an unprofessional image of your brand. Keep in mind that you use grid lines or guides on your canvas. Instead of randomly putting things on canvas, take the help of the grid lines and place the elements on your design.

Fewer fonts

Fewer fonts mean no matter what type of design you are in, always limit yourself to use not more than 3 fonts. It is obvious that using many fonts in a single design is often creates a mess and looks like a disaster. Use fewer fonts is one of the effective points in web design rules you should never break. Keep in mind that in the font case, more is not equal to fonts. You can use one font family for your designs.

Watch your spellings

You may think that what spelling has to do with design. But, it is an important aspect that you should consider. The fact is you can really hurt your brand image and clients if you have grammatical and spelling mistakes. A few mistakes are not a big deal but having many mistakes in your designs can lead to a huge loss to your company before you even imagine. Don’t worry if you do that, it is never too late. You can take the help of proofread software like Grammarly.

Flaunting the space

People often think, not a single empty space should be left. This is not true. The whitespace is often called as negative space and the truth is it is so important for a great design. People just fill out the whitespaces where they possibly can. Calm down, guys! Your design is not going to die from whitespace. Just embrace your whitespace. Whitespace can add professionalism and elegance to your designs. So, go ahead and flaunt your whitespace.

So, these are the quick tips and tricks includes in the web design rules you should never break. Apply these rules to your design elements and look at what change it brings to you. Comment down if you have more of these tips and get connected to Designing Bulls.

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