Top Tips To Convert More Instagram Traffic

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Are you showing products and services on Instagram? Are you looking for tips to improve your rankings and conversions on Instagram? We’ll discuss in this article how to convert more Instagram traffic and convert it into conversions. Let’s see the top tips to convert more Instagram traffic.

Create And Optimize a Landing Page

Just building traffic for your Instagram account is not enough. If you are not getting conversions from it, then there is no sense to have traffic on-page. Instagram is the most popular platform to get traffic but it is also the toughest platform to get conversions. 

There are 3 things through which you can grow traffic organically, which are Instagram bio, Instagram stories and Instagram posts. And, if you are getting traffic from these 3 already, then you have one more option and that is Instagram Ads. However, there is no particular method or process to optimize your landing page for conversions. But, you can try more and more methods and decide what goes for your brand page.

Pass The 5 Second Test

The 5-second test is just mean that your Instagram page should grab your clients attention. For this, your Instagram page should be clear about what it is. Your posts and content should be informative enough so that people click on it. Ask yourself questions like, what is this page about? What do you want your visitors to do? What is the thing on your page that stands out? Have you posted any special offers on your page? 

After answering these questions you are ready for the 5-second test. There is a tool which is called UsabilityHub which allows you to take a 5-second test with some basic charge. This tool can be viewed from any device includes mobile or desktop. 

Align Your Landing Page With Instagram Posts

Matching of Instagram page and landing page is so important because it just reflects authenticity. There are two important reasons why it is important to have a relatable landing page and Instagram page. 

First is, your customers and visitors should feel comfortable when they visit your page. 

Second, if you have found that your landing page is getting more users than an Instagram page, then you know you should optimize your Instagram page like your landing page. 

You can create similar landing pages and Instagram posts by working on colours, social proof and other visuals which includes posts, stories etc.

Reuse Your Old Posts Into Stories And Videos

One of the best tricks to use when it comes to getting Instagram conversions and traffic is to use the old posts into stories and videos. You can simply create new stories or posts from old posts through tools like Canva

You can create slideshow or videos. For iOS, there is an app called Videoleap which you can use to make awesome videos within minutes. This app gives you both free and paid plans so you can create anything with comfort. 

Monitor Your Conversions And Traffic

Along with other things pay attention to your landing page and Instagram page. Use Google Analytics to monitor your conversations and traffic. Through this, you can create an optimized landing page and Instagram account. Through these analytics tools, you can monitor, analyze and adjust with strategies.

So this is all about the top tips to convert more Instagram traffic. Apply these tips on your Instagram and landing pages and grow with it. Comment down your thoughts and stay connected with Designing Bulls. 

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