How to be more productive in 2020?

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Forget hustle, grinding and hard work for a while. When we put ourselves completely into something, things get disturbed. You feel like falling apart or maybe things not going properly. We are getting so involved in our career and money that we forget to take care of our mental health and physical health as well. As we head into 2020, let’s know how to be more productive in 2020.

Forget guilt

How to become more productive in 2020?

Living your life with guilt will not take you anywhere but brings you down all the time. If you feel guilty, make an active decision about it and remove it from your mind. Make your mind to live peacefully after making a mistake and move on. Visualize your life without any guilts and forgive yourself for each mistake you have done.

Be positive

How to become more productive in 2020?

One of the biggest mistakes people do in their work-life is not being a positive one. Having a positive life can lead to a more productive life. Pick everything that you like and stick to them. There is a great reason why Steve Jobs wears a black turtleneck every day. Think about what can you create and what can you change. Being positive is one of the best ways of how to be more productive in 2020. No matter what, a positive aspect can change every situation.


There is a proverb, ‘If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour a day, you should meditate for two hours’. Meditation can do magic to your body and mind. It allows you to think better and relax the body. With increasing productivity, it also helps in improve concentration, confidence and will power. It fosters relationships and many more benefits you can’t even think about.

Take a break

How to become more productive in 2020?

If you spend hours and hours on social media, you need to think twice. Stop yourself from being programmed. Take a break from social media life and mobile. Look at a tree. Look at your surroundings. Take time for reading books. Catch up with your friends. Go on a solo trip. Including these things, there are many more that refects a much-needed break.

Identify yourself

No matter how busy you are, and how big your goals are, take time for self-love. Get up early in the morning. Spend some hours with yourself and identify everything about yourself. It feels good. You must know your strengths and weaknesses. Work on everything. Spend time in identifying yourself. The developing mindset will take you to a better place for sure.

Keep eyes on goals

How to become more productive in 2020?

Have a journal, write down your long term and short term goals in it. Be clear about what do you want in your life. Remind yourself about your goals every day. Once a goal gets completed, move on to another one. Decide the things to which you want to say yes and the things to which you want to say no.

So, these are the ways on how to be more productive in 2020. There is no such right definition of being productive in life, but you can try everything that will lead to a positive life. In short, start doing healthy and have good habits with you. Don’t think you have to learn all at once, start by little. Start by a step.

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