Why should you stop chasing success?

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What is a success for you? Well, everyone has their own definition. Maybe it’s a world tour, maybe it’s a happy retirement, maybe it’s achieving new posts in the office, and many more. We are getting so involved in chasing success that we forget to live our life. We are just surviving. We are running so that we can survive in the world. But, have you ever took a minute and realized what you have missed? Many things. Probably you are so busy making money that you don’t have time for family and loved ones. Don’t you think that gives much happiness than success? It is! Let’s see why should you stop chasing success?

One day, you will look back and exactly know why it all had to happen.

It is a choice

It is a choice, Why should you stop chasing success?

Did they tell you that you have to be successful to live happily ever after? And, you believed them right? Success doesn’t have a well-established definition, no one can define it in the same words. But, how you define it is your choice. No matter what people say, even if people tell you that they are so happy with making more money and doing that high salary job, believe me! They are not! We live in a world where people are living so that they can show off to others that they are happy. And, it is not important at all. The sad thing is we are not living our life, we are just chasing everything in this chaotic world.

Stop! Breathe! Look around. There are so many beautiful things that can make you happy and calm. Remember, if you are listening to this chaotic world, it is your choice.

You have a purpose. You have people’s opinions. You have a choice!

Don’t wait for the right time

Don’t wait for the right time

My mother used to say this every time, ‘Don’t wait for the right time, because time won’t wait for you’. True words indeed. When I ask people, when are you completing your dream? And, they answer, I am waiting for the right time. Trust me, friends! There is nothing like the right time. You don’t have to wait to complete your dreams. You don’t have to wait to complete that bucket list. Just go on that vacation. Start that blog now. Don’t wait for anything. The time is ‘now’! And this time will never ever come. If you keep waiting, you will find yourself waiting throughout life. The time will not stop. You are going to die. You never know! Make yourself a beautiful wild one and chase your dreams before you chase money and success.

Don’t wait. You are going to die or you are going to make regrets, you never know. Live for yourself.

Happiness is the real success

Happiness is the real success, Why should you stop chasing success?

They are working hard, they are trying to buy a new house, they are waiting for the world tour, they are waiting for the money to come into a bank account. They are not happy within. They are not living. That is not happiness at all. Go at some silent place, and think deeply, what makes you happy from the inside? What should you do to find that real happiness? Is it taking your parents for vacation? Is it that expensive gift for your wife that will make you happy? Is it something that you want to do for the country? These are not questions. These are intuitions that came from inside yours.

It is not the world because you think you should do that. It is about your happiness. Doing what really makes you happy is the only success. If you got that cheque, but you have to deal with the hectic schedule daily, where is happiness? If you got 1st rank in that competition for your parents, but you are not happy. Where is happiness? Living like this will not take you anywhere. If you are finding happiness and success, you should stop chasing success and live the life that you choose!

Sometimes, you just need to stop and ask yourself, WHY?

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