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Social media is one of the cost-effective methods of digital marketing used to engage users and increase business visibility. Social media examiner, 96% of marketers currently participating in social media marketing, but 85% of marketers don’t know which platforms are best to use. There are social media sites beyond Facebook and Twitter that do the job.

Although, there are many marketing strategies social media works consistently best.

Why social media?

  • Social media platforms offer users to advertising and targeting traffic and help in utilize relevant information.
  • Content marketing can work in building Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Influencer marketing can bring you quick results with low efforts.
  • With social media ads, you can bring consistent results to your website.
  • You can discover more content ideas with social media as it gives you more attractive options.
  • It is an effective method as it offers you to get targeted traffic within a particular location.
  • Better returning customers.
  • You can choose the most concentrated content.
  • Easy to connect to your customers.
  • Cost-effective & efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Less time consuming

Testing ads on new platforms can open the doors of new opportunities for you and it can be an efficient social media marketing strategy. New social media platforms offer lower advertising costs and fewer advertisements, more specific to target your audience. You can find new customers, explore new platforms and find surprising success.

Let’s get to know about top social media sites beyond Facebook & Twitter.

  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit

Now, let’s know about these social media platforms:


Quora, ads on quora, Top Social Media sites beyond Facebook and Twitter

Pinterest is an American social media and web mobile app company launched in 2010. It offers users to save and discover information in the form of mostly images, gifs, and videos. It is a social networking service that allows users to share images relevant to products and services and discover their interest by browsing what others are sharing. It has greater functionality and you can also call it bulletin board or pinboard. It is free to use the website begins with registration. It is a lifestyle powerhouse that is great for B2C business with products that have attractive visuals. Pinterest found 250 million users and more than 175 billion pins last year, which is a great reason to start advertising on it.

Pinterest offers promoted pins for the marketers which can promote in audience’s feed with an image, text, and link.

Use vertical image 600 px wide while creating an ad and you can also define up to 250 pre-defined interests.


Quora, ads on quora, Top Social Media sites beyond Facebook and Twitter

Quora is an American question and answer website where you can ask questions, give answers and can be edited by internet users. It was founded in 2009. You can ask questions and connect with people who produce quality insights and answers. It is a reliable site only when users answer it. There are many professionals available on Quora from whom you can expect great quality answers and connections. The countries which have a large number of Quora users are the US and India. It is a free site for users and readers.

You might think this platform is a waste of time, the Q&A blog is quite helpful when it comes to the traffic. It has almost 300 million new visitors each month. This is a pretty much effective number of audiences. You have to do is find your perfect audience and set the ads.

Quora offers to promote an answer in the user’s feed and another is image and text which appears in the search results. There are literally lakhs of topics that you can use. For creating an ad, you can put text up to 105 characters.


Quora, ads on quora, Top Social Media sites beyond Facebook and Twitter

LinkedIn is a professional network app which is operated by websites and mobile apps. It is launched in 2002 in California, US. It is mainly used for a job posting and job seekers. You can engage with your professional network and gain knowledge and opportunities. You can find job seekers or persons who are searching for opportunities. LinkedIn marketers tend to be from B2B. This is a great network of more than 560 million professionals. This is the perfect platform for the marketers who have luxury brands or who wants to target the job title like CEO or Director in a company. The ads here tend to promote like an Ebook or bog and you’ll also see commercial videos on the desktop. Make sure you don’t put anything irrelevant or time-wasting here as it can affect your brand image.


Quora, ads on quora, Top Social Media sites beyond Facebook and Twitter

Snapchat is a multimedia chatting app used globally founded at Stanford University in 2011. It lets users exchange pictures and videos. B2C brands get more success than B2B here. It offers you a great opportunity to connect with younger audiences. Snapchat offers ad types that include filters, or branded filters which people can use to overlay the pictures. It offers snap ads that appear in snaps in stories. You’ll see more engagement in short videos here shot with smartphones.


Quora, ads on quora, Top Social Media sites beyond Facebook and Twitter

Reddit is a social news discussion website. Registered members can post content to the site in the form of text, link, and images which voted up or down by other users. Reddit was founded in the US in 2005. You can use Reddit free or can upgrade to Reddit Gold. Reddit is the 6th most visited site of the world with 234 million new monthly users. Reddit has many topics and there are 1.2 million subreddits. Reddit offers native ads placement that appears well in the user’s feed. Many non-users think Reddit as a memes hub but the users often use it as a source for sharing thoughts or trends.

To create ads, you need to identify the relevant communities and keywords to target. This will make links to your subreddits.

So the conclusion is you don’t find success through just one social media platform, you need to explore more. Comment down your thoughts on top social media sites beyond Facebook and Twitter.  

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