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No matter if you have a small business or large business, social media is more than 70% important. No matter what are your products, people should know about your products and services to make them buy. Digital marketing is all about promoting your brand, the services and the products and make them digitally visible for the traffic. Basically, you are telling people about your business and who you are as a brand. However, there are many things in social media practices for business to increase engagement and all the little things to figure out. 

For example, which network are you using? Are you working on paid tactics or working organically? Which type of content are you posting? 

Well, if you want to know more about how to increase engagement, keep reading till the end, and if you are a beginner in digital marketing and want to know some tactics then also you are at the right place. Here we go!

You Can Start From Facebook

Facebook has covered the recent research which shows that 74% of adults like to visit Facebook at least once in a day. Now that is the quite huge engagement you can use for your brand. There is nothing better starting point than Facebook. Comparing social media engagement to other networks Facebook is the best. 

Don’t Forget Other Social Medias

Don’t get excited as if you just have one platform to work with. You have more to do. There are more social platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Medium, etc. By the way, Manifest and Medium have got the recent Digital Marketing survey of 2019, which says small business invest more in social media. 

Social Media Practices For Business To Increase Engagement, social media expert, digital marketing

“The more social media platforms, the more engagement will be!”

Do Use Organic As Well As Paid Strategies

Most of us might be thinking that we should focus on organic strategies more. The fact is you should focus on both of them. Both of them got their equal importance. As they say, ‘Nothing comes in the world free’. 

Do Respond To Your Customers

The survey called ‘social media for small business’ shows how important it is to engage with your customers to get engagement. Important more than you can imagine. The top and the best thing you can do to build a relationship with your customers is by being responsive, being updated, being informative and being interesting.

That’s all you want in social media practices for business to increase engagement.

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