The 3 Step E-mail Marketing Strategy

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As per results, the working world will change and sales are going to be more essential than ever. We are going to discuss some sales strategies through E-mail marketing strategy. It is obvious that to bring that change in your business and make it successful you will need marketing strategies which provide efficiency and scalability to your business. And what is the best tool than E-mail? It will give more touches to your business. Let’s begin the 3 step E-mail marketing strategy.

Target Your Audience

Before you think you need to reach your audience, you should know who your audience is. You need to study some persona development so that you will identify your audience deeply which can reduce sales and marketing time. Once the audience decided you can filter your target audience. 

If you want to have a look at a tool to target your audience then LinkedIn Sales Navigator is there. It is just perfect as it allows you to filter industry type, seniority, job profiles, company size, etc. You will get a filtered list to focus on. Now you have the people to which you can send emails. This will also help you to analyze. 

Find E-mail Address

Now, time to find e-mail addresses. There are some amazing tools like Sellhack that allows you to build and manage your email lists. It is just like an email collector. You can also add an extension from Google. And it will collect the contact from your filtered lists of targeted people that you have made. 

Cold E-mails

Okay! All set! Now it’s time to take off the flight. You are ready to start emailing. Replify will allow you to send emails constantly to persons over time. Once you have done setting first email, other emails will follow. Remember that your primary goal is to get the attention of your targeted customers. Make sure you put yourself first in the customer’s place. Replify allows you to open your emails, clicked and reply. 

So this is all about the 3 step E-mail marketing strategy. Get your doubts to get cleared in the comment section below and stay connected with Designing Bulls.

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