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Working with hundreds of remote workers from different countries at different time zones and manage them effectively is not a cup of tea. However, you can make it easy with some Strategies for keeping remote tech workers informed. It happens when you have no idea what your team is doing if they are giving their hours consistently or not if they are taking the work seriously or faking and much more confusion. If you fail to communicate with your co-workers, you will start finding issues every day and maybe you will get frustrated. Because of that, we are sharing some productive and effective strategies to keep remote tech workers informed and keep them managed and motivated.

Track Productivity to stay informed

If you are paying your workers based on hours you should keep a track record that how much hours they are giving to you. Like in an office you can see who is coming and who is absent. But, here we are talking about remote work which is a virtual environment where it is difficult to find who is working properly and on what they are working on. You are lucky if you got people who are disciplined and complete the work on time, avoid distractions which includes phone messages or Facebook. For this use tools to check productivity. Technology has the capability to connect different persons in different time zones. You can also hold weekly check-ins. Keep in mind you should do consistent meetings to track productivity.

Frequent followups

Without timely followups, your business can fall apart. Building relationships and communicating frequently are pillars of communication strategy. You can use multiple channels to stay connected and they have their own advantages. You can do video calls, you can also do written followups to have a record of the troubles and doubts that your team is facing and you can better solution if you have a good communication channel. Make sure you keep everyone on the same chapter. If you are investing money invest in some valuable management tool. You can use tools like Slack and Asana as they are easy to manage and create a better workflow.

Create a deadline system

Whether it is about office or remote you have to track the consistency and productivity frequently. People who work from homework with their flexibility and comfort. Allow them to work on their flexible hours but your duty is to check the consistency too. Create a deadline system for your workers so that they cope up with you and complete their work on time. The deadline is one of the key indicators of success. Get transparency and if your workers found troubles and confusion in work, help them. Make sure they take the work in a serious manner and submit the tasks before the deadline.

Use tools and technologies

For effective communication, you can use screen sharing and video conferencing tools. There are tools like TeamViewer and Anydesk (the images below) that allows you to share your screen with the connected person so that they can see what you are doing. It proves to be an effective way if you have a small team and you need to get connected. On the other hand, it is important that you do video calls with your team on a daily basis. If you want to connect as a team, video chat is important. There are many technologies for this like Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts. You can choose any one of them according to your and your team’s preferences. Make sure your whole team has the same tool that you have.

anydesk, Strategies for keeping remote tech workers informed
teamviewer, Strategies for keeping remote tech workers informed

Make a frequency of trust

A regular meeting or regular video call with your team will not only help in work but also make a frequency of trust around the whole team. A daily quick 10 minutes meeting within a team will fix everything, just say Hello and ask if anyone having trouble reaching their goals. It is a great way to solve the issues within your team and build trust and relationships. Do a 10 minutes meeting every day to keep a track and connection on everything.

Test new ones

You don’t need to hire someone instantly right. You need to understand them first, understand how they work and how trustworthy they are for the job. You can give the newcomer a small project on which he will show you his work and later if you are happy with his job, you can hire him as a full-time worker. It’s important to get full time because sometimes people quit the job when they are on part-time work. So, make sure you take your time to understand workers and later you hire them as a full-time worker. Like this, your team will stay with you for a long time.

Create a bond

So, the last and the important tip is to create a bond within your team. Even if you all are countries apart, you can make a strong bond with just some quick fixes. However, it is difficult to develop friendships when you are working remotely. But, it is much better and possible to meet 3-4 times a year. You can organize vacation trips or conference trips as well to create a bond in your team. Don’t forget that we all are humans. Do some non-work communication once in a week. You can share future goals with each other. Make your team involved in meetings and events. Make a list of everyone’s birthday and wish them with meaning. Send gifts and presents on special occasions and festivals.

So, that’s all about Strategies for keeping remote tech workers informed. Share your thoughts and opinion with us about this article and get connected to designing bulls for more interesting and informative articles.

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