We Have Encountered ‘Zoom’ In Pandemic Time

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Video conferencing and working remotely is now become an essential part of the coronavirus pandemic that we are suffering. Everyone is working on video calls and web conferencing. To keep up in touch with clients, employees and work associates, we have encountered ‘Zoom’ in pandemic time. Let’s get to know more about the fantastic technology called ‘Zoom’.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is the largest platform to make video calls and conferencing with an estimated 13 million active users. And now it already added 2 million in 2020. Zoom was founded in 2011 by a former Cisco Executive, Eric Yuan. This service was launched in 2013 and ended up with the million users in the year. Today, Zoom is the most used common video conferencing tool which gives similar solutions like Skype and Google Hangouts.

How does it Work?

You don’t start with the paid subscription. If someone sets up the meeting you just need to follow the instructions. It is very easy to start the zoom meeting. You will need to create the Zoom account and sign up for free. After completion of the process, you can start your own meetings. The basic free plan allows you to meet up with 100 participants and with a limit of 40 minutes where you can have a meeting on audio and video conferencing. It is said to be the most reliable and high quality conferencing tool.

Some Tips For Security & Privacy

Zoom has become a popular app because of its functionality. And so that you need to understand and pay attention to its security and privacy. Here are some of the steps through which you can get sure that you are using Zoom securely.

  • Keep it Up to Date

Make sure you have installed a version of the Zoom every time. Whether it is on mobile or desktop, keep your application up to date.

  • Never Share Your Meeting ID

Sometimes, people post zoom meeting ID online without any password protection and security. Never share your meeting ID with anyone.

  • Share your password securely

You always need to make sure that you are securely sharing your password with someone and not publishing it publicly.

  • Manage Participants

To manage the meeting participants you need to make sure you are the only host. Make sure the participants can’t share their screens without authorization or approval.

Now that you know all about Zoom meetings and how to use it, visit Zoom here. Work from home effectively and stay connected with Designing Bulls.

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