The Alexa hacks to plan your day!

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How do you feel living with the technologies? Life is better with super cool technologies, right? It is difficult when we talk about personal life and professional life altogether. Everyone has the stress of daily goals and planning. But you know what, as we are evolving with time, we can plan everything perfectly with these perfect technologies. Thanks to Amazon Alexa, that really feels like an amazing thing in our life. There are many Alexa hacks to plan your day and fill it with full productivity and motivation.

A study has found that 41% of people get stressed just because of improper planning and productivity. Technologies are made so that you can live your life with ease and for that, you have to learn how to use it in the right way.

So here are the Alexa hacks to plan your day and make it magical.

Set timers

Set timers, The Alexa hacks to plan your day!

Alexa will never let you forget your important meetings and birthdays. You can enable quick events in Alexa and plan all your events, upcoming events or birthdays. You can even add daily reminders and calendars. If you don’t want to be late in the morning while getting ready, set timers so that Alexa will track your time and let you forget the stress of being late. The great part is you can do this with your voice command. To get organized in your schedule and work smoothly, head on to Alexa!

To-Do list

To-Do list

We all have that moment when we plan our day at the moment it already started. One of the best ways to stay productive is to plan your day before going to bed. You don’t have to do big tasks. Just say, ‘Hey Alexa, set reminder for tomorrow’s meeting at 2 pm’. Alexa will send you a reminder alert. You don’t have a pen, paper or diary every time with you to note down your schedule. Alexa will do everything you want.

Check E-mails

Check E-mails, The Alexa hacks to plan your day!

In our chaotic day to day lives, we forgot these small things like to check e-mails. Sometimes it might lead to a loss. So, why don’t you give this work to Alexa? Alexa will check your emails and you will never miss a beat. Ask, ‘Hey Alexa, do I have any new emails’? And you can read the emails and everything in just seconds. It will not only save your productivity but it will save you time too.

Pick a ride

Pick a ride

Had a tiring day? Ask Alexa to book Uber or taxi for you and you will get there within minutes. Even if you feel like to cancel the ride and find out the estimated pricing without typing on your phone, tell Alexa to do the job. You have your partner who provides you convenience.

Meditate and TED talk

Meditate and TED talk, The Alexa hacks to plan your day!

Feeling stressed? Relax your mind with meditation. Set timers to meditate and find out the best breathing steps. You will find many options with which you will find balance in your life and increase your focus, productivity and confidence. Stay mindful and inspired by Alexa. Listen to your favorite motivational speaker and you can also listen to the latest TED talk.

We all are busy in our day to day lives and sometimes we can’t find time for our people and loved ones. You can’t leave the jobs and work, but you can make everything easy with the Alexa hacks to plan your day. Get Amazon Alexa on Amazon and make your life easier in some amazing and cool ways.

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