How To Use Instagram To Launch A Successful Brand?

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Whether you want to be an Instagram influencer, or you want to establish your brand successfully, social media plays a vital role. Today, we’ll talk about Instagram as a business tool and how to use Instagram to gain more from it. As we know, large the followers, large the profits and success. Let’s know how to use Instagram to launch a successful brand.

Before we begin, you need to understand some basic things about how Instagram and other social media work. To establish a successful brand online, you need to pay attention to these pointers which are Reciprocity, Commitment, Liking, Authority, Scarcity. 

All of the above principles work together to build a well-established online presence. While building something online, you should always aim to explore the creativity and trends in order to create a win-win market strategy.

Let’s take an example, if a particular brand is telling you how great and excellent they are, it will go awkward right? If a brand wants to represent itself as a successful brand, it needs to put their right foot forward. Having social proof can take you to the next level, just like Instagram followers. If you have a great no of followers in comparison to the following, you are going great. 

See the Instagram profile of Prajakta Koli ‘@mostlysane’. She has 2,300,000 followers and she is following 2944 people. Now the question comes how to get that real Instagram follower? Well, you are in the right place! 

How To Use Instagram To Launch A Successful Brand?

 Follow A Strategy

As of January 2019, Instagram had 500 Million daily active users. No doubt, there is a huge competition on this platform. Looking positively, if a post of the egg can achieve the title of ‘most liked’ Instagram post with 6.9 million followers, you can also find success on Instagram one day. You just need to have the right strategy, consistency, and some serious work. 

Be Consistent With Posting

There is a timeless rule when it comes to social media, i.e, post consistently. Whenever it comes to posting new content or post, you need to be consistent no matter what. If taking ideally, posting more than once a day will be very beneficial if you want to reach that certain success level. 

On Instagram, the more you post, the more followers and more opportunities you will get. If you want proof, post content on a regular basis for some days, you will see the difference. Similarly, skip the posts for someday and you will see the difference in the metrics accordingly. 

You can use some tools like Buffer if you want to schedule posts for later. You don’t have to physically login into your Instagram account daily, you can plan your content or posts for later. It’s all about keeping the metrics which you are trying so hard to achieve. Taking an example of consistency, take a look of @kendalljenner Instagram account. 

How To Use Instagram To Launch A Successful Brand?

Optimize The Captions & Hashtags

Instagram is not just about the visuals. The captions and hashtags have their own importance. They are something that captures attention initially. Maybe you are not getting enough likes and engagement on the post you have shared. For this, you need to add relatable content in the caption and relatable hashtags for the same. The captions and hashtags are all about having knowledge about when to go deep and how much deep to go. 

Use interesting and relatable captions to brief your story. Put some quiz and engaging questions to get the engagement, likes, comments and shares. These are the 3 major steps on how to use Instagram to launch a successful brand. For more interesting updates stay connected with Designing Bulls.

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