Why Instagram Stories are important for Social Media Marketing?

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If you don’t know about how to use Instagram stories for a business profile, let me tell you the interesting thing that Instagram stories are must in 2019 and will be the most trending feature in 2020 as well.

Statistica says that there are 500 Million daily active users of the Instagram story in 2019, and it will be a growing and engaging trend for sure. This is an amazing tool to share anything you want. And you know what the best thing is? You can share it throughout the day, no limits! 

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Now, first, let’s know about what is an Instagram story?

So, the Instagram story is a feature of Instagram where you can share anything like pictures, videos, gifs, text, and much more content and that content can last up to 24 hours from the time you post it. 

After that, let’s come to the point that why Instagram stories are important for Social media marketing. Let’s find out the importance of Instagram stories in business life!

#1. Enhance your content

As you upload posts to your Instagram profile, you can discover more with Instagram stories. You can put images, stickers, animated stickers, gifs, quizzes, hashtags and much more exciting things and it enhances your content and create engagement. You can easily create eye-catching stories with drawings and emojis to attract customers with easiness. You can even mention people or companies by using @ symbol before the name. These cool stories can add more fun to your content. 

#2. More Engagement

Nowadays, everyone is using Instagram and that is a good way for you to attract users towards your brand. People love to use stories to capture the daily moments and that is a sign you need to post stories with much cool emojis and stickers so that they can’t resist seeing your one. You get more freedom to experiment with a different type of emojis, stickers, and contents. As long as you have a good following you can also add links to your stories. The great thing of the Instagram story is it has made with such a great algorithm that it appears at the top of your audience feed and last up to 24 hours. You can post without any limits, as many as you can and it can increase your brand awareness. If this feature used in a proper way it can lead to a shocking engagement.

#3. Brand Image

While you upload anything on the internet, it needs to be perfect and reflects your brand image. You need to put hours making the right relevant content. But, Instagram stories can help us out in a great way. You can easily create anything you want in it. It gives us many options to put creativity into it. It is a key to put a quality feed to your profile and reach that traffic. When it comes to your brand image, it provides that intimacy that every business owner wishes for. It works best when you’re having a business announcement or teaser for an event. Your audience feels it exciting and different and that creates a great image in their mind. 

#4. An attractive Technique

Who hates those colorful stickers or emojis? Obviously no one. Instagram gives us a platform that you can share anything with the world in the most colorful and unique and fascinating ways. When you post something useful or important information creatively consistently, it makes users check your profile frequently. It will make more followers and instead of just posting ‘wow’ to your stories. Put something useful and relevant thing on your story and make it more colorful and attractive as much as you can. 

#5. Win/win concept

Instagram stories not only do creative things but it can maintain visibility of your brand, are discoverable, it can interact with your audience easily, it can help you out in making business strategies, it can create transparency, it can create something in a way that is hard to forget, it can increase your engagement, it supports the use of real-time marketing, which is used to lead targeted traffic to you, it can make a fun marketing and provides quality to you. This coolest feature is definitely is a win-win concept. So, what else do you want? 

#6. Effective and Efficient

Instagram stories let you make content most engagingly and saves your time. It is something that can be made within a minutes with much less time and energy. It is simple and makes a difference to your audience. People might not use stories because they think that it won’t last long and can only appear up to 24 hours, but let me tell you one thing more and that is you can save your Insta stories as well as if you want to save on a profile forever then you can also use ‘highlight’ thing in it. You can simply add a story in the highlight and give it a name anything that you want it to add up on your profile. 

#7. Behind The Scenes

Now, the coolest Instagram story strategy I love is to create #behindthescenes. Be transparent through your profile and in front of your customers. Do post stories behind the work scenes while you’re having coffee time or you’re eating pizza or if you’re on an outing with your team. Make your customers a part of your everyday life. Share everything about your brand, your ideas, your achievements, something on how to solve a problem and put pictures of real moments having fun. Give them a taste of the people and products with you, while you are working or taking a picture having a break. This will lead to customer loyalty. Let’s learn how to do that,

How to put Instagram Stories?

how to put instagaram stories, social media marketing, business strategy, content creation
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Make Instagram stories a part of your daily business routine. All you have to do is follow these following steps:

Open Instagram

Tap on the top left camera icon

Put content in the form of Live, create, boomerang, video or take a picture.

Once you captured a picture or any content, from the top corners you can add stickers, emojis, hashtags, drawing and anything you want.

Tap undo to delete and done to save the story.

And then, upload it.

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