What Graphic Designing Theory Says To You?

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Many designers are self-taught, whether it is about graphic designing or web designing. The designers are trying to jump into the new designing theories made by them. There is some graphic designing theory given by some designers based on experiences and uses. When you work with clients or customers, you just have one chance to make the first impression in front of users. Let’s understand the principles and what graphic designing theory says to you.


Typography, What Graphic Designing Theory Says To You?

Typography is one of the strong and evergreen trends in graphic design. It really speaks directly about the brand especially when it customized. You just need to type in the design and you are there.


Clueless, What Graphic Designing Theory Says To You?

If you are a professional one and understand the graphic designing concepts, you can go for some clueless designs. It does not compulsory that you use text and images, the clueless graphics are not a bad idea. You just need to make sure whatever you are choosing should be engaging and more observant.


Closeness keeps building a relationship between similar or related graphics and pictures. They should create a close meaning with font and colors. It can be consistent with fonts but different sizes and colors. Or it can be the same shape but different sizes and colors.


Highlighted, What Graphic Designing Theory Says To You?

Having highlighted elements in your graphics does not mean put neon colors in your designs. It reflects the visuality of the elements in the design. You can use bolder typography in your design which can be highlighted. It can be a key message.



Another one on the list of the graphic designing theory is alignment. An alignment plays an important role in creating the perfect visual concept in graphic designing elements. If you want to give a unique appearance to illustrations and pictures you must use the alignment design in your graphic design.

These are some of the examples of what Graphic Designing Theory says to you. However, these designs more attention and mind concepts to use. But it is a great start if you want to create a great brand image.

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