The Top Best Ways To Set Up Freelance Income

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Years ago, there were more jobs, and many freelancers are fighting for them. But now, the decade has changed. More freelancers are working from home right now. Everyone is an expert in their own fields and working on them. If you know some little about freelance income and want to know more about it, then here are the top best ways to set up freelance income.


Apart from the freelance sites, Medium is the best column which is somewhere like Forbes and Huffington. If you want the 1st place to write online, then Medium is here. You want to make money through writing, you can consider Medium as the best place to write and post articles on. 

If you don’t know let me tell you, Medium pays their writers to post online. Through this, you can earn some money according to what you want to write and as per your schedule. To become successful in Medium, does not mean you need to learn some algorithm. You just need to create quality content for them. And for a bonus, you need to be consistent. You can start by 1-2 articles per week and make your work way up by the time, you will earn your great income.

Coaching Package

Along with creating the articles, you can establish your own coaching package. Make sure you give them what they want and that is results. You can have a lot of clients and you can also teach people about your services. Sometimes the things that are obvious to you, are amazing to others. 

People don’t care about your qualifications and certifications, they care about what you give them. For the beginning, you can start asking your clients about what to post and some relatable questions. After that, start posting answers for them. 

Online Classes

You can create your own intensive or short online courses which you can closely monitor. You can also make automated online courses through which you can make passive income. Didn’t get where to start? Go to the previous point. Find out the number of problems you can solve for your clients or audience. You can create free PDF’s, book recommendations, Q & A, Supporting articles, case studies and surveys.

It just like coaching, people will pay you for the results. Share your knowledge, and teach others how to do it in the best way possible.

Freelance Gigs

This is the one through which you can get so much work to do. You can find the work like website design, content writing, graphic design, video editing, audio editing, etc. People just spend their all time, money and energy finding clients for their business. Let the customers come to you. Create your shop. It can be an online portfolio or website. Show your services in the most creative and best way. After that just focus on getting clients. 

You need to build your online presence so that you can get your customers automatically. 

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is simple. You will get 5-10% of what customers will buy through you. Amazon links are cheap and you can create your account within minutes. If you want an excellent passive income stream, then Amazon affiliate marketing will do the job.

So these are the top best ways to set up freelance income. Try these ways to get your income. Share your doubts and thoughts with us and stay connected with Designing Bulls.

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