Listen To The Entrepreneur Kendra Scott This Women’s Day

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Kendra Scott is a woman entrepreneur born in Wisconsin, US. She is an American Fashion and Jewelry Designer. She is the CEO and lead designer of Kendra Scott. On the women’s day, we are talking about the Youngest National Entrepreneur. She knows how it feels like to be the only you in the room and the struggle to be heard. Let’s listen to the entrepreneur Kendra Scott this women’s day.

Listen To The Entrepreneur Kendra Scott This Women’s Day
Kendra Scott

In 2017, she awarded as the Youngest National Entrepreneur of the year. She believes in the thought, ‘No one can stop you without your consent’. Being a woman, it is never easy to look after a dream, to be an entrepreneur, to go office and breaking all the rules and regulations just to live freely. Women need a safer place and freedom to do what they want to and to live life in their own way. Kendra believes, ‘we are much stronger if we stand together’.

Failure if a Gift

Women are usually pushed by society and other people to do everything that society says and to do it perfectly. From being the perfect mom, perfect wife to being the perfect woman, women get broke sometimes.

Kendra was a new mom with a failed business when everything was reminding her that she isn’t perfect. She put everything in her first business and it didn’t work. She was broke and felt like to never open business again. But then she thought, I should believe in learning and not failures. Let go of the thought of perfection. And, then she took failure as a gift.

Your values matter

Kendra is inspired by the women who are the great business owners, lifted other women, shared the success with other women and who are the great leaders. She believes in the leadership that guides to make any dream. How you run your personal life and work-life together makes you and define your values.

Watch other leaders what are they reflecting and giving. What values they are having. Learn to create a better environment for your team and yourself. She says to work on your core values, be proud of yourself and you will become a successful example.

Think like an entrepreneur

Kendra says, being an entrepreneur takes a lot and means a lot. It is not just about having a business. An entrepreneur is responsible for her actions, failures, and success as well. An entrepreneur always sees the good in every situation no matter if it’s good or bad. They think possibilities and positivity in every challenge. They should not give up in any condition.

You must think like an entrepreneur, if you see a problem, you need to find a solution, no chance to give up. Whatever your career or role is, the secret to becoming an effective entrepreneur is never to give up.

Surround yourself with wise ones

The best piece of advice Kendra Scott gives to every woman is, “Do what you love and surround yourself with the people who support you and love you”. However, it is never easy to find your perfect support system. But you have to find the wise ones who believe in you.

Let’s just make a commitment to support every woman around us, who are dreaming of becoming a better version. ‘Listen To The Entrepreneur Kendra Scott This Women’s Day’ is all about to give power to the woman and make them believe that they can change the world. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY from Designing Bulls.

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