Hi, I'm Vinay Vyas

Me and my team are planning to set a record for designing maximum number of portfolio websites in a time span of just 60 minutes at the least possible price that suits or doesn’t pinch your pocket, i.e., INR 3000. For this, we need your support and encouragement. Without your help its not gonna happen.

A website consists of three elements: Domain, Hosting and Designing.

1. Domain: It is your website’s name, e.g. www.abc.com, that in market generally cost around INR 800 – 1,000.
2. Hosting: It is the online space used to store your website files and it generally costs around INR 2000 – 3000.
NOTE: These prices are taken from valid online sources like GoDaddy and Bigrock.
3. Designing: Its the actual website design or structure. It costs around INR 2000 – 5000 in market.

TOTAL COST: Total cost for an online portfolio goes upto INR 5000 to 10000.

We are charging just INR 3000 for all these things. If you would like to be a part of this Record, contact us.


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