How To Powerup Twitter Marketing Strategies?

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Twitter has now 330 Million monthly users and 145 Million Active daily users which makes Twitter a major source of Digital Marketing. It is crucial for you to have a great Twitter following and for this, you need to follow some actionable and effective steps to increase brand engagement and reach. Here are the steps on how to powerup Twitter marketing strategies.

The Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are real-time interaction which you can use to become active on social media like Twitter. People who enjoy social media engagement actively use interaction in the form of chats. They don’t only see to consume knowledgable content but they also take help to update their notes.

You can also use Twitter chats related to your niche and industry. For example, if you are in marketing, you should target business owners and brands. You need to be more than an observer. Add value to your posts and make it interesting, make sure you set yourself unique and apart from the crowd. If you are confused about how to design a perfect post when you don’t know about designing, you can simply use Canva.

Like you send invitations to connect on Facebook and Instagram, do send connections for your Twitter profile too. Connections will make you the King! Make your own hashtags and promote it on Twitter.

The Twitter Chats, How To Powerup Twitter Marketing Strategies?

Plan Plan Plan

If you want a serious engagement on Twitter, you need to map out your schedule for posts or content at least for a week. And if possible, try to make a schedule for a month. Try to make posts according to the occasions, like Halloween in September, Holidays in December, etc. Don’t forget to add relatable hashtags to your posts. Respond immediately to the comments, chats, and opportunities as well.

Follow the goals

Identify what are your goals. Why do you want Twitter following? Is it for brand awareness? Or to build a following? It can be many reasons like to respond to your customers, to get more leads and conversions, to get more traffic from Twitter, to get connected with more influencers and bloggers. These goals are measurable and achievable only when you set a time limit and make a schedule to put efforts accordingly.

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