Domain Name selection for your Website and its importance

Domain Name selection for your Website and its importance

Choosing the right domain name is something every business owner needs, to get it meaningful before they start something else. Here you go for some tips for choosing the perfect domain.

1. Select a relevant domain name extension.

Extensions are the last part of the domain, suffixes or the letters that come after the dot. For example, Here .com is an extension and designingbulls is a domain name.

Make sure that you choose the right and relevant domain extension for your website; that can completely match your business purpose. Examples of some extensions that are often used:

.com : is for the community, commerce or a company.

.org : stands for non-profit organizations.

.net : stands for technical sites.

.biz : stands for e-commerce sites.

.info : stands for informational sites.

2. Make your domain name Unique

Make sure your competition doesn’t use anything similar to your name.
Your domain name should be unique but easy to memorize.

3. Keep it easy

Create a domain that is:
– easy to spell,
– easy to remember,
– should be short (preferably less than 15 characters),
– should not contain hyphens, underscores, other punctuations or complicated words. Hard domains can lead to mistyping or misspelling through your clients. 

4. Use keywords in domain name

Make sure that your domain contains the keywords that work with your brand or company. And that perfectly describes your company.

For example, if you’re in a bakery business then your domain would be great as ‘’ or ‘’.

5. Research is necessary

You have to make sure that the domain you have selected doesn’t have a copyright or trademark. And it should not be the same name as other companies.

It could be a mess or can cost you a lot. A little research is always necessary.

6. Pick a trustworthy domain generator

Domain generators are the domain registrar that create and register your domain and give complete access to it.

The key is to only use the trustworthy domain name for your site. And we recommend GoDaddy and Siteground that are the top recommending companies for that.

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