Here Are The Tips For Marketers In Pandemic Time

Here Are The Tips For Marketers In Pandemic Time

This is quite good news that people are now dedicated to their families and home due to COVID-19. There have been billions of downloads to social media apps and movies apps. No doubt the entertainment and live streaming apps are going on the boost and it is a great opportunity for them and their business too. The question is what are the things brand can do to stay ahead in the game? You can do many things to stay in touch with customers and audience in this pandemic time. Here are the tips for marketers in pandemic time.

Empathy Is Must

Not only in marketing, but in every business you can stay on the top through emotions. And now, when people are feeling more vulnerable, empathy is very important. Many banks and companies are now giving their employees more relief by giving them work from home. Some of them are giving their employees more salary so that they can cope up the hard times and stay happy.

Give A Strong Message

If you are a brand, you always have to pace up with the competition and trend. For ex, Nike switched to a message, ‘Play inside, play for the world’ to promote #stayhome #staysafe and have social distance. The brands are just doing entertainment with a touch of the strong message which is necessary of course. 

Here Are The Tips For Marketers In Pandemic Time, Nike

Do Good

Brands are remembered for their good activities and contribution to the world. And this is a great opportunity when you can do the same. It is the time to donate and help the needy ones and act as a bold player. You can donate and give your contribution to the world and also tell your employees and team to do the same. A good brand is the one who never thinks of themselves and thinks about the world.

Choose The Values

If you want to come to limelight then speak up to the world. Speak up on the circumstances and recent issues and how you can prevent them. The issues that are more related to their core values and organizational values. The global topics such as coronavirus pandemic, climate change or LGBT rights. Give some genuine and effective tips on how to overcome these crises and work with precautions. 

So, here are the tips for marketers in pandemic time. Trust me. You can do it. You can donate. You can contribute something. Stay connected with Designing Bulls and Have a Happy Quarantine. 

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