Have You Tried Walking Meditation In Quarantine?

Have You Tried Walking Meditation In Quarantine?

COVID19 and social distancing are challenging the world in no way. And they say that every cloud has it’s a silver lining. I have found a mindful practice that will help you to survive your stuck time happily. Have you tried walking meditation in quarantine? Some of you might even hear it before.

Well, we all know about meditation, and now it’s time to talk about the new concept and that is walking meditation. It is quitely a wellness practice and when you do it with focus, you will end up with a stress buster trick. We all are having quarantine time and sometimes it gets difficult to cope up the situation of stuck inside. Walking meditation is a wonderful practice to destress your everyday life.

The walking meditation is all about focusing on the movements of the body while a slow-motion walking. Just like when we do sitting meditation, we focus on our breath, and here we focus on the movement of the body. And the good news is, of course, you can do walking meditation while living inside. Now let’s talk about how to do it.

How To Practice The Walking Meditation

1.  Take a Moment

Before you begin your walk, take a moment and feel that slow movement of your feet touching the ground. Feel that sensation. Keep open your eyes and focus on the sensation. Take a deep breath through your nose and out through your mouth. During the breathing process, start walking slowly.

2.  Feel Comfortable

Walk at the slow speed in the beginning. If you think like stressed, this is a great way to distress everything. Walk, pause, turn around and walk. Feel comfortable where you are walking. Bring attention to your walking and focus on the movement of your body while walking.

3.  Notice The Rhythm

Now, as you walking start notice the rhythm on which you are walking. Is it slow? Is it fast? Is it normal? Notice your body, your arms, your hands, your feet, everything.

4.  Slow Down

Slow down your speed a little. Every time you walk, slow it down. When you walk slowly, you will better notice the sensation of your feet touching the ground. You will feel the sensation of pressing down the feet and lifting it up. Amazing! Isn’t it?

5.  Watch The End

If you feel distracted in the middle, return to focus on walking and breathing. Bring your focus back on the feet. You can do the walking meditation as long as you want it to. When you finish the process, stand straight slowly, take a deep breath.

If you ever feel distracted or having less focus, observe around. Observe the environment. That is how you will get it. The walking meditation is all about communicating yourself and feel the presence of mind. It will not only a stress buster but it will also make you happier and full of confidence. During this social distancing crisis, you can practice walking meditation and watch the wonder.

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