Have You Recently Lost Your Job Because Of COVID-19?

Have You Recently Lost Your Job Because Of COVID-19?

The beginning of March was not good for the US. There were about 200000 people were unemployed at that time. And now the statistics show that there is around 3 million unemployment. Have you recently lost your job because of COVID-19? There are billions of people around the world who are facing the pandemic and due to this outbreak, they have lost the job. And for this, here are some resources which can help you out through this situation.

Heath Care

Health is the thing that is needed by everyone. There are some programs by the government which let you continue your healthcare in case you continue your job. Some institutions offer health care for your dependents also. It can help you out through difficult situations like these. Whenever in need you can look out for your country’s health care plan. Some organizations like Ketto are working towards healthcare contributions. Ketto allows NGOs and individuals to raise money for social and personal purposes. They are also providing food to daily wage earners who are suffering due to the locked down.

Student and Personal Loan

Definitely, if you have children and you lost your job, this is an issue. But you can opt for a student loan. A student loan is a term loan granted to nationals so that they can pursue their higher education in the country or abroad. There is a certain age define for the student if he can apply for the loan or not. Not only this, if you are a  student from a poor or middle-class family, you can also apply for the loan. You can search for government programs also if you are in need of personal loans. There are several banks like SBI, HDFC which give offers for the government employees.

Home Utilities and Food

Whether it is about surge situation or coronavirus pandemic. The nation suffers. There are some people who can’t afford basic utilities, buying food, paying bills, etc. Ketto helps families by supplying grocery kits for 2 weeks which includes wheat, rice, sugar, oil, etc. It also gives free masks and sanitizers to help them fight coronavirus.


If you haven’t filed for unemployment, maybe you will need it soon. Unemployment means you lost your job without your fault. You can get unemployment benefits now. Regular employees, part-time employees, and workers are eligible to apply for this. The program called Rajiv Gandhi Sharmik Kalyan Yojana (RGSKY) allows people to apply for the unemployment insurance benefits of 50% of wages per month.

These were the resources you can search for more for and get the benefits in the pandemic time. Stay safe, stay home and stay connected with Designing Bulls.

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