Free Tools To Make Your Brand Alive Again

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We live in a world where choices never end, endless information grabs our inboxes, and scrolling takeover our minds every single day. When it comes to branding and dealing with businesses after COVID, you need to make some moves to stand out. You need to grab the attention of your customers to buy your services and remember you as a sound brand. We know how to do it. Here are some free tools to make your brand alive again.

Social Media Schedule

If you have a little presence on social media, you know you have a superpower. Once you have decided to market your brand and it services on social media, nothing can stop you to build an amazing presence. For this, you can use social media scheduling tools through which you can schedule your posts and save your time and energy. Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer can be a perfect fit for your brand. Just put aside some time from your week and schedule the post for the whole week or month. 

Free Tools To Make Your Brand Alive Again

By scheduling posts in advance will save your time and automatically send your message to your audience. You can monitor everything including hashtags, marketing messages with the help of these scheduling tools. The best way to manage everything is to put alarms so that you can immediately reply to your customer’s comment and messages.

Graphic Designing

Ever tried Graphic Designing? Don’t worry! It’s fun. Canva is a free graphic designing platform on which you can design anything from a social media post to invitation cards. You are just blessed with a tool Canva which says, ‘Design Anything you want’. If you don’t want to hire a graphic designer, this tool will do the job for you. You can even design a poster and presentation with much more creativity. When you log in to Canva, you will see the thousands of templates are available for your inspiration. You can play around with colours, logo, text, editing, layouts, etc. There are many available options in the free version, but if you go for the premium version you will get more surprises. 

Monitor Your Brand

If you want to monitor your brand online, one of the best and easiest way is, set up a Google Alerts account. To start, insert any keywords or names associated with your brand. Google will notify you or send you alerts when the keywords or name you mentioned found anywhere on the Internet. Google Alerts will also allow you to learn what type of keywords people are using on their websites and other platforms. You can set up a free account here, and Google will notify you with the unlimited links to the blogs, articles, reviews related to your brand and keywords. 

E-mail Marketing

If you want to stay in touch with your existing customers, e-mail marketing is a must. E-mail marketing is a great tool when it comes to growing your business. If you are looking for customer retention, e-mail marketing is an effective way. There are many tools available in the market, but Mailchimp allows you to create thousands of emails to your customers. This tool integrates with the data on your website and you can build your list of the audience who are interested in your brand, products and services. 


You can also connect it with your website so that you can retarget your old customers and boost sales. Connect it with your Google Analytics account, and monitor everything about your customers. 

Survey Monkey

Ever wanted to capture voices of people saying something valuable and important about your business? Want to capture the reviews through audio? Or even if you want to make more sound decisions about your brand? There is an online survey tool, Survey Monkey will allow you to gain valuable and informative insights for your products and services. You will get data from the customers or people who matter for your business. You will get the free version but when you get the premium version, it will allow you to experience more features including quizzes and analytics. 

Google Analytics

If you have an online business, a website, you have to make an account on Google Analytics. Your website is the hub of the online presence of your brand. Google Analytics grabs all the data for your sites and monitors everything according to it. 

This is everything about free tools to make your brand alive again. Use these tools and tell us your experience with it. Comment down your thoughts and views about this article and stay connected with Designing Bulls. 

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