Everything You Should Know About Facebook Ads

Everything You Should Know About Facebook Ads

You might be thinking if Facebook Ads are worth in 2020? Well, the answer is if done in the right way, it is. We will see in this blog how to use Facebook ads effectively for your business. Facebook ads always focus on two goals – create value and deliver a positive user experience. So here is everything you should know about Facebook Ads.

Facebook comprises of the automatic auction in which typically the higher bidder wins. The higher your total value score, the less cost the Facebook ad will take. With 2.5 billion users, Facebook has become a powerhouse worldwide. And what makes the total value score is below.

Bid Amount

Bid amount is that amount which you are willing to pay for the ads to display among your customers and audience. 

Estimated Action Rate

Facebook decides through its estimated action rate about the no of users which will convert after displaying your ad. These estimations are made on the basis of your customers and audience activity on your Facebook page.

Relevancy & Quality

Facebook identifies or we can say try to identify if your ad will going to be interesting for the persons who will see your ad. It defines if your ad will get positive or negative feedback. 

What Are The Different Types Of Facebook Ads?

Image Ads: Image ads is one of the easiest ads to create in less time. All it consists of images, content and link.

Slideshow Ads: Slideshow ads consists of a slideshow of images which define and tell your brand’s story.

Video Ads: Video ads are mostly used for brand awareness and campaigns.

Canvas Ads: Canvas ads are one of the interesting ones as it allows you to connect with businesses or brands directly by tap, click or scroll to the Facebook Ads.

Dynamic Product Ads: Dynamic product ads are exactly what it sounds. It automatically promotes your ads to the audience who already showed interest in your products and services. 

How Much Facebook Ads Cost?

Well, that is the tricky one to answer. As it depends on your budget and preferences. However, the average cost per click of Facebook ads is $0.27. If you want to display ads you have to set up the budget and for this, you can do the necessary settings in Ad set section in Ads Manager account. 

Is Facebook Ads Worth it?

Now finally, let’s come to the final conclusion. These days people are more and more spending their time on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. There are so many active users on Facebook scrolling through. If you want to advertise your brand effectively then Facebook is a great platform for you. You just need to set some preferences, interests and demographics according to your targeted customers. 

With taking everything you should know about Facebook Ads in the mind, create your own Facebook ad, especially for your brand. This is the best time to invest in it. Time to give the boost to your brand!

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